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Why some hate to work so much

Unhappy at your job? Do you feel under-appreciated and over-worked?

You’re far from alone – 70% of U.S. employees say they do not feel “engaged” at work according to a 2013 Gallup poll.

Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, a firm that works with organizations and Fortune 500 companies to improve employee morale and performance, tells us that this workplace phenomenon is happening across the globe.

Employees are demoralized and discouraged because their four core needs are not being met:

• Physical (“opportunities to regularly renew and recharge at work”)

• Mental (“being able to focus on the most important tasks and define when and where they get their work done”)

• Emotional (“feeling valued and appreciated for their contributions”)

• Spiritual ("doing what they enjoy most and feeling connected to a higher purpose at work”)

This employee-employer trend will likely continue for the foreseeable future, he notes.

“Employers are doing themselves a huge disservice by not better meeting the employees' needs,” Schwartz says. “Employers need to lift the burden of intense and relentless demand... we need a conscious kind of capitalism.”

Employees are working harder than ever these days, as companies continue to operate with a leaner workforce post-financial crisis. Longer hours, added responsibilities and the pressure to be available at all times... has become the new normal for millions of Americans.

Smaller staffs have helped companies lower their operating expenses - but few workers are seeing the gains; real average hourly earnings are falling.

The Energy Project, which is based in Yonkers, N.Y., has more than 60 clients including Google, Unilever, Facebook, Alcoa, Coke, Whole Foods, eBay, Sandoz and Nestle.

Schwartz says his firm “has yet to come across a Fortune 500 company that is systematically and successfully meeting the four core needs of employees.”

Schwartz applies the lessons he teaches to C-Suite executives at The Energy Project – employees are given five weeks of vacation in their first year, six weeks in the second year – and he forbids his workers from answering emails in the evenings and on weekends.


“We're a living laboratory of what we're preaching,” he explains. “And we've doubled our profits for four years consecutively.”

Plenty of vacation days are just one part of Schwartz’s theory; he also wants employees to learn how to work very intensely for short periods of time – no more than 90 minutes – and then take a break.

“The best way to produce is to not work continuously,” he notes. “You'll get more done - in less time - in a sustainable way.”

Earlier this month Google’s Larry Page threw his support behind a four-day workweek. "Most people like working, but they'd also like to have more time with their family or to pursue their own interests," he said.

Schwartz agrees -- somewhat. “The value you create is not the number of hours you put in,” he argues. 

The fact that so many major companies are rethinking how employees are treated is encouraging – but there are millions of workers who are still disgruntled, putting in long hours as they share their tiny cubicles with a colleague (or two).

“When employers meet those [core] needs, employees perform better for longer and more happily,” Schwartz says.

Reader comments:


• I've heard over and over again that treating employees better improves a businesses bottom line.

I have seen evidence of that many times. Many companies do a poor job of maximizing their employees ability to do good work efficiently, but that is because they are poorly managed.

But they are struggling to get by with too few employees, which is where the problem starts. I don't see any evidence of that changing either.

If you're doing two or three people's jobs because your company is trying to get by with fewer people, no way are you going to do any of those jobs well.

To say, "give folks more vacation time, that's the solution" is naive sloganism.

• If you think the private sector is not supporting their employees, try the public sector (unionized government workers).

People are promoted to management jobs based on the "buddy system" or the "appearance system" and not based on "managerial ability and knowledge system."

The majority of management in state, local, and US governmental are so inept and poorly trained that they are absurd, and totally incompetent.

Knowledge of the job is the last thing these clowns care about, especially in law enforcement and public safety. We were told who to hire, who to promote, and when to do these things.

Management had to be involved in EVERYTHING, but overlooked millions of dollars of bribe taking by employees saying " mind your own business, they can cover their #$%$."

This is only a small unit of 20 people, and management was included as deep, if not deeper than the employees.

$200,000 bribes were the higher end, but $5,000 was the norm, and 90% of the employees were completely incompetent in doing the job.

• I don't dislike my job, I don't really like it either.

It just "is". But in my case, there are no merit based raises, only the occasional cost of living adjustments.

There are no promotions, the company structure is set up in such a way that what you are hired on as is what you are, nothing more, nothing less.

The work is not bad or hard, nor is it in any way rewarding. Doing a good job is just the same as doing a mediocre job. The bottom line is that everybody I work with is simply drifting along killing time.

For this I blame the complete lack of leadership. Not one supervisor or manager has any goals, there is no measurable standard of success anywhere. We work to no purpose.


A beautiful woman has a secret... watch until the very end for a beautiful twist

How easy it is to judge people... but it's equally as dangerous.

This beautifully made video... reminds us that even with the best intentions we can be so wrong.

So, before we point our fingers, let's take a deeper look.

Watch the video:



In case you haven't heard, or you are oblivious to the news of the day... America's 'Debt Limit' is now again the latest fabricated crisis in Washington.

Today is July 25th... and your taxes are still going up... and our country is virtually bankrupt... and going $4 billion dollars deeper in the hole - each and every day. Yet Obama pretends all is well. Here's Obama's latest propaganda...

Here's Obama's "bull crap" for the week... 07/25/2014...


Asylum claims are being illegally granted by Obama regime... before even appearing before judge

Washington Examiner: Democrats who oppose changing the law to allow quicker removals of families and unaccompanied young people illegally crossing the southwestern border into the U.S. often argue that those entering the country illegally are entitled to a "day in court."

The illegal immigrants "should be given their days in court," said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. "The kids should have their day in court," said Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro before a White House meeting this week.

Young people should be given "a meaningful day in court to protect their rights under our laws," added Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

Now, new numbers released by the House Judiciary Committee show the "vast majority" of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum are granted it - behind closed doors - before even appearing before a judge.

Democrats scheming doesn't stop there... I suspect... they register each as a Democrat to vote, sign them up for food stamps, sign them up for Obamacare... and give them some cash and a free cellphone too!


US Border patrol agents keep watch outside the entrance to the US Border Patrol facility in Murrieta during an anti-immigration protest in Murrieta, California, on July 7, 2014.

Protestors were opposing the arrival of buses carrying undocumented women and children migrants for processing at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station.

The Obama lie: claims deportations of illegal migrants crossing the US border are being stepped up...

The reality: The average wait for a deportation hearing before a judge is 546 days? - 1.5 years?

So Obama is secretly sending plane-loads and bus-loads of tens-of-thousands illegal immigrants all around the country.

The federal government is setting up FEMA camps, renting entire apartment complexes and office buildings... to house all these people - and Democrats say, the cost to you - is of no concern to them.

They have labeled this a humanitarian disaster (which Obama purposely created) - and if you disagree with them, they have labeled you - a racist.



Special Report: Obama's secret FEMA camps operating in South Texas, to house illegal immigrants

Our reporters witnessed firsthand FEMA facilitating a new illegal alien detention facility.

Last month we asked the question, “Did FEMA Anticipate the Border Crisis?”

The answer was revealed... when our reporters witnessed firsthand FEMA facilitating a new illegal alien detention facility.

Watch the video:


The Obama regime has embraced the Saul Alinsky motto, from his book 'Rules for Radicals:

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

Terrorist groups ISIS and al Qaeda have also adopted the motto:

It is being reported, these terrorist groups are recruiting and training dangerous gang members in Central America - and then paying their way to the U.S. border.

Are terrorist cells invading our southern border? ... the answer is YES... and by the hundreds!

The greatest conspiracy in world history is taking place right now in America. And at the center of it all is our own president, Barack Obama.

Exhibit A is the illegal immigrant crisis at our southern border.

This is a deliberate attempt to foment a crisis and overwhelm the system, leading to the breakdown of our society. I’m talking about the so-called Cloward-Piven Plan, devised by a pair of radical academics in the 1960s.

I was in college at Columbia University with Obama in the early 1980s. Our classmates talked about the Cloward-Piven Plan all the time. They couldn’t wait to implement it.

Now Obama is clearly carrying it out right in front of our eyes.

The things most conservative commentators worry about are small - compared with what I suspect is really happening. Which is stranger, and far more shocking, than fiction.

I’m talking about a threat far more serious than those - terrorism. Do you think our radical Muslim enemies are blind? Stupid?

They are not. They are determined and ruthless fighters and strategists... who continually adapt to our every move.


This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria marching in Raqqa, Syria.


You don’t think they’ve noticed our southern border is wide open? You don’t think they are watching and learning? You don’t think they are sneaking teenage terrorists and suicide bombers into the United States right now?

You don’t think they’re using the distraction of thousands of aliens crossing the border each day and overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted border guards as a “cover” to sneak a wave of suicide bombers by us right now?

I’ll guarantee you it’s happening as we speak.

We’ve lost control of our border and our country. What’s coming next - will bring America and the U.S. economy to its knees.

At this moment... there may be hundreds of suicide bombers and terrorist cells safely within our borders.

All waiting for the go-ahead to destroy this country, cripple our economy, murder our families, take down the only country left in the world with Judeo-Christian values...

And force the government to take away our remaining freedoms in response to a terrible crisis.

It’s time to proceed with impeachment and treason charges... against a president that has allowed all of this to happen.


We are still in a false government economy... yet another economic bubble that will eventually burst

Central bankers are following the zero interest rate policy ("ZIRP") playbook to ease the pain from popped credit bubbles.

But years into a global ZIRP experiment, it's becoming clear that propping up the old, busted banks is actually preventing a real recovery.

So maybe its time for a new version of the old regime at the Fed. That is, for the Eccles Building to eschew interest rate-pegging and ZIRP entirely, and thereby allow financial markets to once again engage in honest price discovery and two-way trading...

And to allow the natural business cycle to meander along its own capitalist path as determined not by the 12 members of the monetary politburo...

But the 317 million consumers, producers, investors, entrepreneurs and even speculators who comprise the real main street economy.

That's the correct prescription for a real, sustainable economic recovery.

But let's not kid ourselves: there is little chance of the Fed reforming. Institutions rarely make proactive changes; instead, they react to crises.

By pushing interest rates down to artificially low levels, the Fed inflated the U.S. mortgage bubble and the inevitable 2008 crash.

But unfortunately, that capitalism-damaging, boom-bust cycle did not spur the Fed to self-reflect and reform. Incredibly, the Fed emerged from the crisis as a hero!

So it doubled down on ZIRP, resulting in asset inflation for the rich and stagflation for the middle class.

Asset inflation has not boosted the real economy (as planned by the Bernanke Fed). Quantitative easing (QE) has only deepened income inequality, worsened economic imbalances and eased pressure on government budgets.

Policymakers' tool of "financial repression" isn't working either, argues CLSA strategist Russell Napier in a recent note. Financial repression involves forcing interest rates below the rate of inflation.

Savers then bear the cost of de-leveraging an overextended financial system.



Cool Photos

A kingfisher creates a mesmerizing spray of water as it flicks a freshly caught fish against a branch in Droitwich, England, on July 17.

A woman at the press preview of the 'Eco Edo Nihombashi Art Aquarium 2014' exhibition in Tokyo on July 10.

Russell Brown photographs the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on July 14.

Tennis player Roger Federer & skier Lindsey Vonn during a promotional tennis event atop the Aletsch glacier, Switzerland, on July 16.

The world's third-best tennis player & the Alpine skiing champion played on a specially prepared tennis court on a glacier at an altitude of 11,401 feet.

A giant Rubik's Cube floats on a barge in the Hudson River in Jersey City, NJ, on July 11. The display was commemorating the 40th anniversary of the iconic toy & the 70th birthday of its creator, Ernö Rubik.

Crew members put the final touches on a 22-foot-tall replica of Godzilla in the Tokyo Midtown neighborhood of Tokyo on July 15.

The Midtown Meets Godzilla project is in collaboration with the Japanese release of the most recent version of 'Godzilla.' There will be a light show are the sculpture every night, complete with mist, audio & fire rays.

The British Army's Parachute Regiment display team, the Red Devils, performs during the Farnborough International Air Show in Farnborough, England, on July 15.

Fireworks explode around the Eiffel Tower during the annual Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on July 14. The French National Day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.




"Write drunk, edit sober." -- Ernest Hemmingway

 Companies spend $5.1 billion dollars last year advertising on social media... but most users actually ignore these ads on facebook and twitter.

 Government management of health care was supposed to lower costs and give access to more people. The only thing it has accomplished so far is create more laws, confusing regulations, and contradictory court decisions. Oh, and higher premiums and lower coverage. And that's only after four years!

 "The two most dangerous things in the world... are men who cook and women who drive." -- Chinese online poster. 

 We live in a time when being politically correct, by liberal standards... is more important than being morally righteous, by God's standards.


 Funny stuff! ... guy hits it big on the web... doing realistic, uncanny "girl voice"

Hey, girl.

Actually, the guy in this video is Matt Bittner, actor and sound designer. His friend recorded him between shifts at The Ride, an interactive New York City tour bus. So exciting!

The video was featured on Reddit's front page and garnered more than 4,000 up-votes in just 15 hours. One redditor said, "Man I want to learn how to do this just to totally creep my wife out."

Another redditor said, "Now I feel bad for Manti Te'o I would fall for this."

Watch the video:


 Corrupt Putin controlled media in Russia... corrupt Obama controlled mainstream liberal media in America... there is no difference

A London-based correspondent for Russia Today, resigned Friday over what she called the Kremlin-funded network’s “total disregard” of the facts - surrounding Thursday’s Malaysia Airlines crash, saying RT is “spreading lies” for Vladimir Putin.

Ah Russia Today... sounds like their MSNBC of the mother land! She should steer clear of the U.S. if she’s ‘for the truth’. Our liberal media is as bad as Russia’s or China’s.

Here in America we have a lying liberal media and lying Obama administration, that know no shame or limits. Would be nice for some mass media resignations here, followed by jail time for the administration.

A recent example of liberal agenda false propaganda: I was accidentally watching CBS evening news on Wednesday. 

They were reporting on a plane that hit turbulence and several people were injured. They described how turbulence occurs and that we should expect more of it - as a result of climate change? 

Snapped me back into reality very quickly.


 Obama has same lame excuses for every scandal... ignorance, lying and phony investigations

• Obama supposedly finding out about every scandal from the media, after the fact?

• A compilation of Obama and his aides saying "this is the first we heard of that!"


About Fast and Furious... THEY LIE!
About Solyndra... THEY LIE!
About the IRS... THEY LIE
About Benghazi... THEY LIE!
About the VA... THEY LIE!
About domestic spying... THEY LIE!
About “Global Warming”… THEY LIE!
About Healthcare… THEY LIE!
About Illegal Immigration… THEY LIE!
About gun control… THEY LIE!
About anything… About everything... THEY LIE!


 Plus-sized parking spaces for Chinese women drivers

Dalian (China) (AFP) - The parking spaces outside a Chinese shopping mall are distinctive: marked out in pink, signposted "Respectfully reserved for women", and around 30 centimeters wider than normal.

The slots at the Dashijiedaduhui -- or "World Metropolis" -- centre have sparked debate in China, which officially embraces gender equality but where old-fashioned sexism is rife in reality.

"I think this is very convenient," said user Yong Mei. "Other parking spaces are too narrow."

But outraged commentators on Chinese social media accused the mall managers of sexism and cliched thinking.

Officially, China proclaims the sexes equal in keeping with Communist principles, and Mao Zedong said that "women hold up half the sky".


 Crew Cab trucks have really become the redneck sedan of our generation


 Check out this Chicago "Hillary" billboard

It’s one thing when your mug is on the cover of the latest book you want to sell... But this is amusing?

Yup, that’s apparently a sketch of the former secretary of state — in full hush-hush mode — on a new billboard in Chicago hawking the Ashley Madison website, which caters to married people looking to have affairs.

The billboard’s text reads, “Harder Choices… Lead to Ashley,” reported WFLD-TV in Chicago.

Sam Chapman, CEO of Empower Public Relations, is miffed at Ashley Madison for piggybacking on the recently released book by Clinton titled “Hard Choices.”

To billboard critics: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Spot on !!!! who else would know more about infidelity??? She covered for “Slick Willy” for DECADES. Great Sign !!!


 "Bailando" ("Dancing")... Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

In Enrique Iglesias' spectacular new video for the single "Bailando," a young Cuban flamenco troupe swirling in red dresses meet up with street dancers with some mad soccer skills...

In one of the best choreographed encounters since the Sharks met the Jets.

"This video is one of the favorites of my career," Iglesias said during an appearance Spanish channel Antena 3's entertainment show "El Hormiguero."

The video features Iglesias with Descemer Bueno – the Cuban singer/songwriter who co-wrote the song with him, and Cuban reggaeton band Gente de Zona.

The video, debuted April 11 on Vevo, was directed by Cuban Alejandro Perez, and includes footage shot in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The featured dancers are from Havana's Ballet Litz Alfonso.

This is so good, it's worth listening to again... Spanish or English... it's all good!

Watch the video (Español):

Watch the video (English):



 Tinkle, Tinkle Little Car
by Cecilia L. Goodbody

Tinkle, Tinkle little car
How I wonder what you are.

Leaking oil every day
Having it your own way.

Going up hills real slow
I don't want you any mo'.

Tinkle, Tinkle little car
Boy, what a lemon you are.


 ETHOS Hybrid Crossover Boats

Most water lovers would be happy to own a single boat, but in order to enjoy the many activities of the sea – fishing, water skiing, pleasure touring, etc. – they'd need an entire fleet ...

Or they'd need the all-new Ethos E30 from Milano's Azure Embark.

Billed as the "first hybrid crossover boat," this innovative vessel uses a modular design to transform for all kinds of purposes. 

The E30 is one of our favorites from the recent Boot Dusseldorf show. Like the Superiore Uno, the boat benefited from a can't-miss location right next to a walkway adjoining two halls.

Unlike the Uno, it didn't require a bright orange paint job to get our attention – its matte-gray composite hull and posters proclaiming its advantages, grabbed our eyes from across the way.

When we arrived at the Ethos E30 booth what we found was a more flexible, versatile boating platform than we'd seen around the rest of the show.

Azure Embark lists pleasure boating, tourism, fishing, water sport and diving among the uses that the boat is designed for. 

The E30's modularity is underpinned by deck walls with integrated cubbies that serve to mount equipment.

The walls include water and electrical hook-ups every 44 cm (17 in), allowing the owner to install, adjust and re-install equipment, including electrical appliances and water fixtures, in different configurations. 

In practice, what the modular design means is that the empty deck shown above can be filled with near-infinite layouts of seats, cabinets, kitchen equipment, or other gear.

So, for a relaxing Friday night dinner date on the water, the captain can affix a couch, kitchen and dining table.

Then, he or she can replace those with a fishing layout for a Saturday of deep-sea casting, and a water skiing layout for an outing with the kids on Sunday. 

The E30's cabin adds a little extra multi-use versatility. The boat quickly transforms from closed to open cabin by way of walls that come out at the twist of a screwdriver.

Depending upon the weather and daily mission, the boat lets the breeze and sunlight in with an open cockpit, or bunkers down with a fully closed cabin accessible by a rear deck door.

The door can also be left off, creating a semi-open cabin. 

In terms of its underlying construction, the 31-foot (9.5-m) Ethos E30 is based atop a composite, V-shaped hull. Its bow cabin and aft deck are made from sandwiched composite with structural stiffening cross members and closed cell foam.

Standard power comes from a 170-hp Hyundai diesel engine, and a 250-hp diesel and hybrid powertrain with 13-kW motor are available as options, as is a roof-mounted solar panel system. 

Inside the walls (or not) of the cabin, an available 23-in touchscreen-based "boat autonomy control" provides control and monitoring of navigation, engine output, and boat systems like lights and pumps.

QR codes etched onto various parts of the boat allow the captain to pull up information instantly on his or her smartphone. 

The Ethos E30 launched last September and starts at €128,500 (US$175,100) for the Open, which comes without the cabin walls, or €148,500 ($202,400) for the closed Cabin model with walls.  

Standard equipment includes a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, two beds and a bow sun lounge.  

Azure Embark offers many modular options, including various benches, tables, storage cabinets, refrigerators and entertainment equipment.



Monday, June 30, 2014 photo, militants from the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate the group’s declaration of an Islamic state, in Fallujah, 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Baghdad, Iraq.

 ISIS has a deadly ultimatum for Christians in Iraq... submit, leave or die

Christians in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, are facing an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay a tax or abandon everything and leave. 

If they don’t, they could be killed. 

The ultimatum was issued by the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the militant group that overran Mosul last month, Al Jazeera reported Friday. 

More from Al Jazeera: 

The Sunni rebel group issued the orders in a letter after Friday prayers. The document, obtained by Al Jazeera, states that the order was issued after Christian leaders failed to attend a meeting called by the group. 

In response, the group says in the letter that Christians must either convert to Islam, pay a tax on non-Muslims known as jiziya, or give up their possessions and leave the city. Failure to do so would result in a death penalty, “as a last resort." 

We previously reported on ISIS’ plans to impose on Christians a “jizya,” a fine more like protection money than a tax. 

A displaced Iraqi Christian girl who fled with her parents from the Christian village of Hamdania near Mosul province in Iraq...

Plays by a balloon at a temporary shelter for the displaced Christian families in Ainkawa, a suburb of Irbil, with a majority Christian population, Iraq, Saturday, June 28, 2014.

Around 2,000 Christians had entered the Kurdish city of Irbil by Thursday morning, June 26. A Christian official there said the Kurdish region is the only part of Iraq where Christians are protected from violence.


Iraq’s Christian population has been shrinking ever since the U.S. invasion in 2003, and many Christians have fled the ISIS rampage across northern Iraq. 

Al Jazeera reported that Mosul’s Christian population stood at roughly 3,000 before ISIS took over -

It’s unclear how many Christians remain in the city now, especially considering as many as one-third of the city’s residents fled as ISIS invaded. 

I never hear moderate Muslims speak out by denouncing this “jizya” tax being applied to Christians in the name of their Muslim religion.

I wonder how Muslims would like it if they had to pay a protection tax in a country where their religion doesn’t make up the majority like here in the USA. 

No, Obama likes them for one other main reason: 

They are anti-Christian and anti-Semite - bent on total genocide of all other faiths and people - who will not join in their fanatical insanity.


 Different language... draw a picture

Dean was dealing in furniture, especially antique furniture. And to acquire old pieces of furniture, he had to travel regularly to other cities.

On one such visit, after the day’s work, he was sitting in a bar nursing a drink, when a cute girl, probably French, walked in. The bar was crowded but there was a vacant seat next to Dean. The girl walked over and occupied the chair.

Out of common courtesy, Dean offered her a drink but she did not understand English. So Dean took a paper napkin and made a rough sketch of glass with whisky and looked at the girl lifting his eye brows questioningly.

She immediately understood and nodded her consent.

After a couple of rounds of drinks, Dean took another napkin and drew a picture of a man and a woman dancing and she immediately got up to dance. They had a few more drinks after that and of course, dinner.

The girl, now happy and more than satisfied, took a napkin and drew a picture of a big double bed.

To this day... Dean has not been able to understand how she knew he was in the furniture business.


 People love the new Pope, but I think it's safe to say he's gone crazy. Now he's thinking about doing away with celibacy for priests. Are you like me? Are you thinking "Real Housewives of the Vatican?" -- David Letterman

 I don't know if this is a good idea or not. Do you really want a priest showing up for the last rites with a date? -- David Letterman

 Speaking of Obama, yesterday Congressman Raul Labrador said that impeaching President Obama isn't a good idea, because, quote, "no one wants President Joe Biden." And that's when Biden realized why Obama picked him as a running mate. -- Jimmy Fallon

 There are reports that Amazon is coming out with a new service for the Kindle that will be like a Netflix for books. You can look at a bunch of different books but you don't have to buy them. Or, as Barnes & Noble calls that, "Our business model." -- Jimmy Fallon

 The number of pot delivery services has tripled in the last three years because more states are easing their marijuana laws. And the first person who figures out how to combine that with a pizza delivery service will be our country's first trillionaire. -- Jimmy Fallon

 A major wildfire in northern California is now being blamed on marijuana farmers. Everyone in the region's really angry about it — unless they're downwind, then they're totally cool. -- Conan O'Brien

 According to a dating app, Amazon employees are more desirable than employees at other tech companies. Plus, if you sleep with one, they will recommend someone else you might also like.

 Today is the 30th anniversary of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which raised the drinking age to 21. Also turning 30 today: a 16-year-old boy, according to his fake ID. -- Seth Meyers

 According to a new report, 81 percent of people would cheat on their partner if there were no consequences, while 19 percent of people are pretty sure this is a test. -- Seth Meyers

 Even though both Israel and Hamas fired on one another during the five-hour humanitarian period yesterday, the U.N. secretary general said both sides "mostly respected" the cease-fire. That's like leaving the house without pants and saying you're "mostly dressed." -- Seth Meyers


 Democrats creating income inequality... 47 million working part-time jobs - because of Obamacare...

50 million on food stamps... liberals have rebuilt and expanded the welfare state...

Here's one of the sickest secret agendas of the Democrat party and whack-job liberals... their propaganda tells you they are all about protecting the poor and the middle-class -

But most everything they do: kills jobs, reduces your income, or makes things more expensive. Forget their liberal rhetoric - pay attention to the reality.


Liberal Rhetoric -
Remember when Obama said Obamacare would cut healthcare insurance costs for individuals, by $2500 dollars a year? 

Liberal reality:
 Millions of people who lost their insurance due to Obamacare, now pay 50% to 100% more. Some individual coverage now costs $650.00 per month and more - with an $8,000 dollar deductible? 

The stock market hit another all-time high this week.

If you're an investor, that's cause to celebrate. For others, it's a reason to grumble. Why? Because rising asset values increase economic inequality, enhancing the wealth of the "haves" and leaving the "have-nots" further behind.

Don't scoff. This is becoming a major issue in this country.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century - a thick, dry academic tome about income inequality by French economist Thomas Piketty - is a No. 1 best-seller. Politicians are making campaign speeches, promising to do something about it.

(Better touch your wallet.) And in a December 2013 speech, President Obama called economic inequality "the defining challenge of our time" and "a fundamental threat to the American dream."

Who would have imagined that risking your hard-earned money to secure your own retirement could threaten and undermine the nation?

Fortunately, income inequality is not nearly as bad as the pundits would have us believe. And it's not true that the poor are getting poorer. 

From Rich to Poor

Let's start with the fact that academic studies on income inequality routinely fail to take taxes and transfer payments into account.

For instance, if you're a high-income earner in this country, you face a 39.6% top marginal income tax rate, an average 6% state-income tax, Social Security taxes (both sides if you're self-employed) and unlimited Medicare taxes.

That means those called high-income earners... can easily have net incomes that are half of, what academics calculate.

Those on the opposite end of the spectrum generally receive federal and state benefits including welfare payments, food stamps (and other federal food subsidies), subsidized housing and Medicaid.

That means those called low-income earners... can easily have net incomes that are double and more, what academics calculate.

When you subtract taxes paid by income earners and include transfer payments to non-income and low-income earners, income inequality is far less than redistributionists claim.

However, tax data from the Congressional Budget Office do show that - from 1979 through 2010 - income for the top quintile of income earners grew faster than it did for everyone else.

Yet the rest of us have not gotten poorer. The income of the other quintiles increased by 49%, 37%, 36% and 45%, respectively.

In short, every income group has actually gotten richer.

Permanent Unemployment

But that may change... as there are now fewer and fewer full-time workers in America.

In her testimony on Capitol Hill this week, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said the biggest economic risk facing the country is the emergence of a new permanent class of unemployed workers.

Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of our increasingly regulatory state.

According to The Heritage Foundation's latest "Index of Economic Freedom," the U.S. is currently 10th in the world in economic freedom...

Behind Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile and - egads - even Denmark.

According to Freedom House's "Freedom in the World" report, the freest countries have the highest incomes (especially for the poor), the least unemployment and even longer life expectancies.

Capitalism - the private ownership of the means of production (exemplified by the stock market) - is the greatest wealth creator of all time. It has vastly improved our quality of life and standard of living.  

Yet today... the U.S. economy is overburdened with regulations, mandates, prohibitions, an inscrutable tax code and the world's highest corporate tax rate.

Part-Time Work Force

Making matters worse... is the UN-Affordable Care Act, which gives businesses a perverse incentive to hire part-time workers over full-time ones.

Two weeks ago, the administration trumpeted that the unemployment rate declined to 6.1% last month and total non-farm payroll employment increased by 288,000 jobs.

But this is a bit of a distortion as the number includes part-time jobs. Full-time jobs last month plunged by 523,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We currently have the slowest economic recovery in modern history and a shocking statistic:

Fewer than half of U.S. adults are now working full time.

(Indeed, there are now more Americans on federal food aid than full-time private sector workers.)

A lot of this can be tied to Democrat's hostility in Washington toward business, entrepreneurs and the free market. This is no overstatement?

Speaking to a Kansas audience a couple of years ago, President Obama again made a false statement, with his politically contorted rhetoric...

"The market will take care of everything, they tell us... But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked... I mean, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory."

Indeed, we have.

The shame is that so many presumably intelligent politicians don't understand - or pretend to not understand -  

How punitive taxes and regulations undermine economic incentives, increase inequality... and sicken the goose that lays the golden eggs.


 Kids post picture with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett... at an ice cream shop

Spotted on social media: Sir Paul McCartney at an ice cream shop in Omaha, Neb., Sunday night.

Tom White, 16, and his McCartney-obsessed friends bolted to the establishment in Omaha's Dundee neighborhood, after seeing a celebrity trail on Instagram.

They found the former Beatle sitting on a bench with none other than resident billionaire Warren Buffett. The boys introduced themselves. Then, Jacob Murray snapped a picture of star-struck White.

"I just turned around and put a thumb up," said White, who posted the pic on Instagram with the caption "Chillin with my homies."

Local media outlets picked up the post, and then national sites started sharing it - even McCartney re-tweeted the photo.


 Where to buy?

With its huge distribution network, low overhead, competitive prices and vast inventory, the Amazon online everything store has the power to rock entire industries.

These major brands face its threat...


 A relaxing day at the beach in Siberia? ... turns into a frightening experience

A strong current or difficulty finding a plot of sand on which to settle one’s towels were the least of beach-goers worries in Siberia over the weekend.

It started off as rain, causing people to rather calmly pack up their belongings and head for shelter.

But what might have seemed like a friendly drizzle... quickly developed into marble-size hail that pelted those still the sand and in the water, sending them running for cover.

Watch the video:


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Thought for the day...

Why Salmon is so good for you

I admire the strength and supernatural endurance of Pacific salmon. Their trip to the spawning ground may cover more than 2,000 miles. They travel day and night upstream against powerful swift currents. 

They even swim UP waterfalls. They have to outrun predators like seals, orca whales, bears and human fishermen. 

And amazingly, during this entire journey the salmon never eat. Instead, they live off the fat stored in their bright pink muscle tissue.

In fact, their pink flesh is the secret to their physical power… and the incredible health benefits you can get from salmon. 

Not to mention the taste. I’m a huge fan of wild-caught salmon. I try to cook some on the grill at least once or twice a week. 

Salmon get their color when they feed on marine algae. They contain a red carotenoid called astaxanthin. It’s what provides legendary endurance to salmon. And it can boost your energy and physical performance, too. 

Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It’s 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C. It’s hundreds of times stronger than CoQ10 and vitamin E.

Here’s why... Other antioxidants can only handle one free radical at a time.

But astaxanthin is like a super-hero. It takes on more than 19 bad guys at once. It forms an electron cloud around itself. Free radicals get absorbed into the cloud. It neutralizes multiple attackers at one time. 

That’s really important for athletes or anyone who keeps physically fit. You see, exercise has a ton of health benefits. But it also creates a lot of free radicals. You can’t really avoid them. 

The harder you work out, the more free radicals you produce. If you run a marathon, you could generate 12 times more free radicals than when you’re resting. 

Astaxanthin helps your body recover from that damage. It patrols your muscles for free radicals. Then it eliminates them.

Studies show it provides excellent recovery from muscle and heart damage following exercise. 

And it improves endurance. In 2008 Swedish researchers studied 40 male students. Half received 4 mg of astaxanthin every day. The other half received a placebo. 

They measured muscle endurance by the number of deep knee bends the men could perform before becoming exhausted. After 6 months, the placebo group could only do 20% more squats.

The astaxanthin group increased their squats by 55%. They performed three times better than the placebo group. 

Researchers also tested it in competitive cyclists. They gave bikers either 4 mg of astaxanthin a day or placebo.

In four weeks, the astaxanthin group became over 5% faster. They cut more than 2 minutes from a 20 kilometer ride. The placebo group cut a paltry 9 seconds.

Natural astaxanthin is produced only by microalgae. We can get it by eating pink sea creatures that feed on the algae.

These include some trout, red sea bream, crab, lobster, shrimp, and other pink seafood.

But salmon – especially sockeye salmon - is by far the richest source. Just make sure it’s wild-caught. 

A typical 6-ounce serving of Atlantic salmon only gives you about 1 mg of astaxanthin. The same serving of wild Pacific sockeye salmon gives you 4-5 mg. Still, you’d have to be eating wild-caught salmon every day to get enough. 

Supplements are available. But avoid the cheap brands. They’re usually synthetic, which is 20 times weaker than the natural version. They won’t give you the performance benefits you expect.

It’s worth paying the extra money to avoid taking a worthless petrochemical pill. Most studies show doses of 4 to 16 mg per day are effective.

I recommend taking at least 10 mg per day of a naturally derived form to support strength and endurance. You should see results in about four weeks or less.

Keep in mind that astaxanthin is fat soluble. Take it with a meal or snack containing some healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, or eggs. The fat will help your body absorb the astaxanthin. 

And try to take it with your krill or fish oil. It will boost your heart, brain and immune system health.


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New York Times liberals... continuously trying to feed you false information and big government propaganda

“If you wanted to bestow the grandiose title of ‘most successful organization in modern history' ...

You would struggle to find a more obviously worthy nominee than the federal government of the United States.”

When you start reading an article and this is the first line you see... you can almost feel the start of a headache coming on.

If you read The New York Times yesterday, you might have seen this article by David Leonhardt. He praises all the great things modern government has created for you.

If you distrust the government, it’s tough to get through.

We'll get back to why he's wrong in just a sec. Some background is in order, and I can explain things better with a story.

You know about flight pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright. Their Wright Flyer was the first heavier-than-air powered machine to achieve and sustain flight.

But they weren't the only people at the time trying to create a flying machine. In fact, the government got involved.

They gave a $70,000 grant to a man by the name of Dr. Samuel Langley, so he could research and build a working machine.

And he did build one... but you wouldn't call it a success.

In 1903, months before the Wright brothers made their way to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Langley prepped his machine for its first flight.

Using a catapult on a houseboat on the Potomac River, he launched it into the air. It crashed after only a few seconds in the air.

Langley didn't despair. After all, he still had plenty of government money to make things right.

A few months later, he prepped his flying machine for another flight.

Except this time... it got tangled in the launching mechanism, never gained enough power, and sunk in the river.

Shortly after, the Wright brothers made history and ushered in the era of the airplane.

Dr. Langley knew why he failed. Using an excuse you find a lot nowadays... he claimed he lacked adequate federal funding.

But here's the incredible part. The Wright brothers only spent $2,000 to build their flying machine. A fraction of what was given to Langley by the government.

So why tell you this story? And how does it have to do with Leonhardt's article about the "most successful organization in modern history", i.e. the government?

Well, he tends to give the folks in D.C. a lot of undue credit.

For example, he says without the government, you wouldn't have the Internet or funding for medical research.

And while that might be true, if it wasn't for private innovators and entrepreneurs who saw the potential of these scientific breakthroughs, they might be sitting in an empty basement somewhere.

You see, that's where Leonhardt goes wrong in his article. He sees the end result, and gives the guys in charge credit.

But if you've ever worked at a company that had poor management but still did well, you know the secret to that success lie elsewhere.

It was due to innovative thinkers who figured out how to do things better.

Because just like the Wright brothers compared to Dr. Langley, entrepreneurs do it better, cheaper, and more efficiently.

And when they fail, they don't blame a lack of federal funding.

To be fair, Leonhardt's article does acknowledge that bad and inefficient government is the norm.

In fact, the article is actually about how government is using new methods to measure and track the success and effectiveness of their programs.

But the system itself is broken. And studying what's going on when things go right isn't going to change that.

Think back to the 2008 financial crisis. Wall Street banksters made a mess of things. But you can't forget those quasi-government entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The folks in D.C. weren't going to let these banks fail. So you knew they weren't going to let these government sponsored companies go under.

Six years later, what happened to these companies. What are Fannie and Freddie are up to today.

Proving that government failure and inefficiency is the norm...

The future plans of these two companies could bring about more problems and potentially end the American dream of home ownership.

This Week's Government Goofs & Goofballs
An Independent & unbiased accounting of our government 
& political mischief

 Did you know, wasteful and inefficient government programs never go away? ...

They continue to get funded, or are replaced with even worse government programs

Some people are saying it is just what the doctor ordered. Others are saying that the cure is worse than the disease.

• The UN-Affordable Care Act?
• Re-engagement in Iraq?
• Phony climate change propaganda?
• Comprehensive immigration bills?

Not this time. Just as protracted in the corridors of Congress and the White House is the debate over the proposed reform -- and potential replacement -- of the beleaguered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

And InsideSources has uncovered the involvement of a former Administration official, who appears to have been involved in the discussions that shaped part of the legislation, that could offer a large upside to big banks.

Although it is less on the minds of Americans in the heartland, arguably no issue has more personal impact.

The result of the debate will determine many of the winners and losers in the American dream of home ownership.

It is not merely families seeking their own backyard who will be affected.

The titans of the banking industry also are keenly concerned about whether they will be warmed under the protective cover of government guarantees or be left out in the cold.

The Johnson-Crapo bill is built on the framework of legislation sponsored by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Mark Warner (D-VA).

Both Johnson-Crapo and Corker-Warner would effectively wind down Fannie and Freddie, replacing them with a newly created Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation (FMIC).

While the legislation ostensibly is designed to create a new and improved path to home ownership, its proponents don’t like to talk about who would primarily benefit from its approval:

The big banks, the very entities that contributed to the housing collapse in the first place.

In a classic example of the cozy ties that exist in Washington between regulators and the regulated.

The legislation was shaped with strong input from a number of individuals with current or recent ties to the big banks and mortgage companies.

For example, Michael Bright, Corker’s senior financial adviser since 2010, previously was a mortgage trader for Countrywide Financial and Wachovia. The two firms figured prominently in the housing collapse.

Meanwhile, Fannie and Freddie investors are fighting the 2012 Third Amendment -- the so-called “Sweep Amendment” -- that allows the Treasury Department to seize all profits indefinitely.

The restriction exists even beyond the satisfaction of Fannie and Freddie’s debt to taxpayers for the bailout.

Big government corruption at work - Senator Tim Johnson, left, Democrat of South Dakota, and Senator Mike Crapo, Republican of Idaho, collaborated on the bill, which was actually written by the big banks?

How does that fix what caused the Great Recession? It doesn't.


One of those who helped shape the amendment is Jim Parrott, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and former senior advisor at the White House’s National Economic Council. Parrott has served as a consultant for major banks.

InsideSources has obtained an email strongly suggesting that Parrott played an advisory role for at least one bank, Bank of America.

The email, written by a senior official at the bank, refers to a meeting with Parrott about housing finance reform. In the email, the official also asks about arranging a telephone call to provide details of the Parrott meeting.

Parrott declined to discuss his role with the banks or in the Sweep Amendment discussions when asked by InsideSources.

He also chose to not comment on how his work with any banks would fit against the backdrop of the Administration’s internal rules intended to cover political appointees leaving the government.

The sweep maneuver raises even more questions about the specter of the influence of major banks on policies meant to serve the public interest.

“I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV,” says financial services analyst Josh Rosner. “But I do believe it seems like it was not something done solely by the conservator."

Whatever the twists and turns, answers to the Fannie/Freddie dilemma do not appear to be coming anytime soon.

Critics of Johnson-Crapo say the bill would hand control of the nation’s $20 trillion mortgage market to the big banks, while providing them with a full government backstop to protect against any potential losses.

The legislation also comes at the expense of tens of thousands of investors who hold stock in Fannie and Freddie.

One outspoken critic is Rosner, managing director of Graham Fisher & Co. and co-author of “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon” (Times Books, 2011).

The book targets the individuals who, the authors argue, played pivotal roles in the financial meltdown.

The government’s entire approach to Fannie and Freddie is misguided, Rosner tells InsideSources.

“Rather than label Fannie and Freddie as GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises)...

We should treat them as public utilities -- much like water, electric and sewer -- and regulate them properly,” he says. “We need to de-politicize these institutions."


 The Cloward-Piven Plan to destroy America is unfolding before our eyes

• Who would have imagined that under Obama, the food stamp rolls would grow 75 times faster than the job rolls?

• Who would have imagined Christmas cards would be banned from military bases if they bore the word “God”?

• Who would believe the words “Merry Christmas” would be banned from military bases.  


• Who would believe Christian ministers would be prevented from presiding at military funerals?

• Who would have imagined trading one U.S. deserter for five mass-murdering jihadist terrorists?

• Who would have imagined our president would insist on Miranda rights for a terrorist mastermind, while allowing a U.S. Marine hero to be tortured in a Mexican jail?


• Who would have imagined that six years into the Obama presidency, after $7 trillion in new debt, and $3.7 trillion in entitlements, we’d have the highest poverty rates in modern history?

• Or that Obama’s “job-saving” stimulus act would leave us with 92 million fewer working-age Americans in the workforce?

• Who would have imagined that businesses would be closing faster than they were opening.


• Who would have imagined there would be 70 percent more Americans on entitlements than working in the private sector?

• Who would have imagined that the Obama regime could run roughshod over our Constitution and laws... and the Congress and the Courts would just stand by and watch?

• Who would have imagined that tens of millions of citizens could be fooled so easily by a corrupt president and a corrupt liberal media, bent on destroying America?

Yet it’s all true. You’ll find hundreds of more facts like these in my new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class.”

The Cloward-Piven Plan to destroy America is unfolding before our eyes.

So let’s re-visit the crisis on our southern border—or should we call it the crime on our southern border? What’s the worst you can imagine?

Whatever it is, Obama will turn your worst nightmare into reality.

No, I’m not talking about the invasion of America by poverty-stricken illegal immigrants that will bust our budget and bankrupt this nation. That is clearly already happening.

No, I’m not talking about the threat of disease spreading across America, diseases that put our border guards and their families and eventually your children at risk.

Planes are being chartered to move these sick illegal immigrants around America, to be deposited in your communities.

If you get on that plane next, be ready for lice, scabies, or tuberculosis. It’s already happening.

This is all part of a purposeful plan to overwhelm the system that Obama and I studied at Columbia University. Yes, I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983.

This is right out of the playbooks of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. That’s why I’ve spent the last year writing “The Murder of the Middle Class.”

To give all Americans the information, tools, inspiration and courage to stand up and fight…to get in the game…to save America, the U.S. economy, and the greatest middle class in world history. Before it’s too late.

This is a war for the survival of America and the future of your children and unborn grandchildren. This battle is just getting started. God Bless America.

This invasion of illegals is not just children. We have no idea WHO is coming in. This is a TRUE Trojan Horse. Interesting how history repeats itself, even if it is thousands of years later.

What we have in America in the 21st century is treason. Willful complicit failure to uphold the Constitution. That is punishable by death to those undertaking that destruction of our nation.


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