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Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret Revealed

Jerry Seinfeld is known for many things.

His eponymous TV show, which he co-created, co-wrote, and starred in. His stand-up comedy, which he's been performing since the 1970s.

And more recently, his online series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which he created and hosts.

Seinfeld's oeuvre has been lauded by both critics and the general public alike.

In 2002, TV Guide declared Seinfeld the greatest television show of all time. Comedy Central has named him as one of the world's greatest comedians.

And then there's the wealth. We can't forget about the wealth. Earlier this year, his net worth was estimated at $820 million.

Yes, his tremendous talent has been handsomely rewarded, indeed.

But how has Seinfeld been able to do it? How has he been able to consistently generate material year after year and to sustain such a successful career?

He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes... and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.

But his advice was better than that. He had a gem of a leverage technique he used on himself and you can use it to motivate yourself - even when you don't feel like it.

He revealed a unique calendar system he uses to pressure himself to write. Here's how it works.

He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker.

He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red X over that day. "After a few days you'll have a chain.

Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain."

"Don't break the chain," he said again for emphasis.

Good Habits iPhone goal app

It works because it isn't the one-shot pushes that get us where we want to go, it is the consistent daily action that builds extraordinary outcomes.

You may have heard "inch by inch anything's a cinch." Inch by inch does work - if you can move an inch every day.

It's very simple to use.

But remember: Because your goal is to not break the chain, you should think carefully about what you choose to have as your daily goal(s).

Sure, it might feel nice to set a lofty target. But if you want to keep at it, your goal must be realistic and achievable.

Now, if you do decide to use this technique - set a goal to stick with it!

What daily goal did you decide on? Are you sticking with it?


Walk It Off... 10,000 steps per day

I found that it was harder to stay physically active than one would think. I happened to read an article that said walking is one of the best exercises you can do and you should try to walk 10,000 steps a day.

"Well I went out and bought a pedometer and have worn it EVERY day since (no exceptions). I shoot for 11,500 steps minimum every day.

You probably understand the joy I get as I pass the 11,500 step mark each day.

"P.S. My health is superb and I weigh the same as I did when I was twenty."

You could go out and buy a dedicated pedometer to monitor your steps, but you have to remember to take it with you for it to be of any use.

Yet chances are you already have a device that goes with you every time you leave the house – your smartphone.

There is enough technology packed inside that device to perform the same task, so by just installing an app...

You can turn it into a pedometer that you will actually remember to keep nearby.


While I heartily subscribe to the premise of pursuing one's dreams... there are alternate perspectives worth considering

[We're listening… go on.]

"Some wiseguy once said that... "Life is what happens to you, while you're waiting for something better to come along."

Milton put it a little more poetically in one of his sonnets when he wrote, 'They only serve those who stand and wait."

And then there's the more familiar, "Take time to smell the roses."

Thanks for the wise words. You're right. Sometimes, in the race to create the "next big thing," we forget how important it is to slow down.

Much ink is spilled on how to be more organized… structured… efficient… productive… disruptive… and all those other lifestyle "enhancing" buzzwords.

But not enough, we realize, on how to enjoy the fruits of your labor. On how to create a more balanced, holistic lifestyle.

There's a relative drought of information, for example, on how to create a better work and family life balance. Or even the importance of it.

Thing is, it's a new economy out there. We, and our companies, need to adapt to it… or die.

In a knowledge economy, we value innovations, new ideas, creativity. We need more of those "aha!" moments.

Problem is, the brain is wired for "aha!" moments - when we're at rest...

Not when we're slamming the pedal to the metal… while running on fumes… But when we're resting and relaxing. When we let our minds wander.

Recent advances in neuroscience tell us that our brains are, in fact, most active when we are idle.

I can attest.

Some of the best ideas I have are in the shower… or when I'm lying down to sleep and just letting my mind relax and go its own way.

NOT when I'm running around like a crazy person.

So, here's the best thing you can do today…

Slow down. If you've been running around too much, give yourself permission to stop working so hard today. Rest.

There is a limit.

And if you don't anticipate that limit, something outside of your control, will force you to STOP…

Take a moment to breathe. Treat yourself today. You deserve it.

Stop chasing on occasion. Life is already good.



In case you haven't heard, or you are oblivious to the news of the day... America's 'Debt Limit' is now again the latest fabricated crisis in Washington.

Today is September 26th... and your taxes are still going up... and our country is virtually bankrupt... and going $4 billion dollars deeper in the hole - each and every day. Yet Obama pretends all is well. Here's Obama's latest propaganda...

Here's Obama's "bull crap" for the week... 09/26/2014...


Saudi Arabia has beheaded dozens of Christians... yet Obama and liberal media look the other way?

Halfway around the world, and a lot closer to ISIS, we sniffed out a piece of irony that you might also find interesting.

While ISIS has successfully goaded the U.S. military into action by posting three violent videos of journalists and aid workers getting beheaded on the Internet...

Saudi Arabia has been quietly beheading Christians in their own country... 23 of them at last count, reports Zero Hedge this morning.

That's more than seven times the number of beheadings - that have enraged 61% of Americans enough to support bombing, at least, in Syria.

Yet while the president is playing political footsie with Congress over whether to send troops... or just airstrikes and training... to Iraq and Syria, Human Rights Watch also noted,

"The U.S. concluded a $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, its largest anywhere to date."


On this front, our source conjectures the U.S. is quietly behind the scenes trying to work with Iran. So much so to help with their nuclear program.

That's enraged the Saudis and pushed them closer to the Egyptians and, by extension, the Russians.

The newly minted arms deal with the Saudis... is a U.S. attempt to keep everyone calm.


More Fairy-Tales from the Left...

An international day of action on liberal faux climate change... brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of New York City on Sunday, easily exceeding organizers' hopes for the largest protest on the issue in history.

Organizers estimated that some 310,000 people (the real count closer to 100,000 - but we all know liberals always exaggerate)...

Including United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and elected officials from the United States and abroad...

Joined the People's Climate March, ahead of Tuesday's United Nations hosted summit in the city, to discuss reducing carbon emissions that threaten the environment.

"Largest protest on the issue in history." "discuss reducing carbon emissions that threaten the environment."

I see. Well, that is interesting.

What are they going to discuss? If it is handing our sovereignty over to some anti-U.S. body of scientists...

To decide what kind of energy we will use, how much we can use, and which companies get trillions in 'carbon taxes' to build wind power generators and solar plants...

Which will receive hundreds of billions in subsidies from our carbon taxes...

You can forget it!

Have a nice protest, though.

Climate change farce is all about money - not climate.

How many private jets were used, flying in by the celebrities and politicians?

If so much of this climate change is caused by humans I think the ethical thing to do would be for these cultists to sacrifice for the good of the cause...

And stop breathing, to decrease their carbon footprint of consumerism - which is the main cause of climate change according to them.

That's could be the tipping point. BTY - the earth doesn't need protected. It's the humans that need protected from themselves.

How's that amnesty thing working out.


About a million more square miles of ocean are covered in ice in 2013 than in 2012 (see graphic above).

A whopping 60 percent increase - and a dramatic deviation from predictions of an "ice-free Arctic in 2013," the Daily Mail noted.

Arctic sea ice averaged 2.35 million square miles in August 2013, as compared to the low point of 1.32 million square miles recorded on Sept. 16, 2012, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

A chart published Sept. 8 by NSIDC shows the dramatic rise this year, putting total ice cover within two standard deviations of the 30-year average.

Noting the year over year surge, one liberal-funded scientist even argued... that "global cooling" may be here again.


Houses, planes & yachts of famous liberals... the phony global warming party...

They say, "Do what I say, not what I do?"

Former Vice President Al Gore's new $9 million dollar ocean-view villa property in Montecito, CA. The two-story Italian-esque villa boasts five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and six fireplaces.

Complete with high ceilings, a wine cellar, terraces, and an exquisite outdoor pool, the property itself is 1.5 acres. Other Montecito inhabitants include talk show giant Oprah Winfrey, Michael Douglas, Christopher Lloyd, and golfer Fred Couples.

President Obama and the first family frequently vacation on Martha's Vineyard. For the third consecutive year, the Obamas will head back to the Blue Heron Farm, an expansive $20 million estate in the Chilmark section of the island.

The 28.5 acre secluded waterfront property comes complete with horse paddocks, a boat house and an apple orchard. The property contains a five-bedroom main house, a Cape Cod guest house, a swimming pool, a golf practice tee, and a half-court basketball court -- a big seller for Obama, a huge fan.

Obama's Carbon Footprint - Obama doesn’t give a damn about our environment or the “climate.” This is about control.

Obama wants to gain control over every aspect of your life - from the moment you are born to the moment you die. It is exactly the reason they forced Obamacare on us.

But Liberals are never satisfied. And they will never ever stop.This is about control over the individual dressed up in the typical patina of Liberal caring.

Leonard DiCaprio has nabbed yet another luxe bachelor pad. The actor has just bought a sprawling estate in Palm Springs. The 7,000 foot home, which is located in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood, once belonged to famed 1940's singer-actress Dinah Shore.

Now, however, the six bedroom, seven and a half bath digs will be just one of many mansions owned by DiCaprio. 

In addition to a bright and airy interior with floor to ceiling windows, the posh digs also include a pool, tennis court and detached gym. In December of last year, DiCaprio finally sold his beach side Malibu pad for $17.35 million.

DiCaprio's Carbon Footprint - According to Brazilian media, the Wolf of Wall Street celebrity in fact rented the mega yacht to use take him and 21 friends of his on a 300 miles (482 km) travel to San Paulo to watch the inaugural soccer match between the host nation Brazil and Croatia.

In case you didn’t know, we’ll take the time to tell you that the 482-foot (146 meters) vessel, named Topaz, is the world’s fifth largest private yacht and is owned by the millionaire Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Aerial views of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s 6 bed, 13 bath Malibu estate in California that they share with daughter Willow and son Jaden.The 25,000sqft property boasts a tennis court, basketball court and a lake.


Well that explains the people who still support Obama?


Stand-Up Comic mocks global warming scare industry... with "Al Gore Impersonation"

The “global warming scare industry” is all about money and “control,” stand-up comedian Michael Loftus argued during an extended and humorous rant on his new TV show “The Flipside.”

For about six minutes, Loftus ripped Al Gore and others... who perpetuate the idea that global warming is ready to bring the world to an end -

Unless people pay more money to prevent it?

“Here’s the deal, folks. Al Gore and some other dudes bought some companies and stocks in green technology... and now all they have to do is scare the living daylights out of you - until you are begging for a carbon tax,” he said.

“They just tell you the debate is over. That’s another funny one, the debate is over." ‘I’ll have to take all your money - or the world will end. I’m sorry, the debate is over,’” Loftus joked, seemingly impersonating Gore.

Further mocking the claim, the comedian riffed, “99 percent of all 'liberal' scientists agree with me that I should have sexual relations with the mother 'your' children. I’m sorry, the debate is over!”

The climate change hoax is the tyrant’s ultimate dream: taxing humans for merely existing.

It is good to see people starting to reject the hoax... but it is still startling to think how many people fell for it in the first place.

Watch the video:



Cool Photos

Alex & Sherri Groff, dressed in 1860s-style clothing, watch a vintage baseball game during the 2014 Base-Ball Exhibition & Fair at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia on Sept. 6. At the exhibition, clubs played baseball according to rules from 1864.

Kai Holt sits on his board in Hawaii with Kama on Sept. 2. Holt adopted the pig after it wandered into the family home at Bellows Beach. When Kama fell into the swimming pool they discovered he could swim. Kama is now something of a local celebrity.

A barefoot man runs through burning charcoal in a ritual called Lianhuo ("fire walking") in Pan'an County, China, on Sept. 17.

Lianhuo, a local ritual listed in 2005 as an "intangible cultural heritage" of the province, involves dozens of barefoot men walking across burning charcoal or firewood as a way to ward off evil & pray for good fortune.

Baby hamadryas baboons reach for milk bottles as a zookeeper feeds them at a zoo in Hangzhou, China, on Sept. 17, 2014.

On the eve of Scotland's historic vote for independence, a group of digital artists & photographers used the latest 3-D projection mapping techniques to create a spectacular nocturnal light display, transforming the barns & log cabins of Leyden Farm in West Lothian.

An Attacus atlas moth sits on a visitor's face at the Botanical Garden of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, on Sept. 16. About 20 butterflies & moths fly freely among visitors in the greenhouse.

A boat sails in the distance as a whale-shaped kite flies during the annual Festival of the Winds at Sydney's Bondi Beach on Sept. 14. The festival attracts hundreds of local & international kite makers & is one of the largest kite festivals in the nation, according to organizers.

A Kyrgyz stuntman performs during the first World Nomad Games in the Kyrchin Gorge, located about 200 miles from Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, on Sept. 10. Teams from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia and Tajikistan took part in the games.




Lots of people dream - few act

 The journey of a thousand miles... begins with one step." -- Lao Tzu

 Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America. Eighty-five percent of the population has no bank accounts or credit cards. Ten percent of the GDP is remittances from overseas. The people are very friendly and welcoming.

 “After the age of thirty, no one can legitimately make the claim to be naive” … especially, on repetitive issues, previously addressed." -- El Jeffe

 "Young man, the secret to my success... is that an early age, I discovered I was not God." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes. Jr.


 Disney isn't just fun and games... big business is all about politics and campaign donations too!

First lady Michelle Obama, accompanied by Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger, gestures during a news conference at the Newseum in Washington on Tuesday...

To announce that Disney will become the first major media company to introduce new standards for food advertising... junk food that's good for you? 

Just another liberal propaganda gimmick... to make people forget how her husband's been screwing up everything he touches for the past six years.

Coming next, watch the Michelle Obama Aerobics Hour, mandated to be broadcast on all channels from 7-8 p.m. every day, including the weekends, with monitors going door to door, making sure that everyone participates. 

Disney chief executive Bob Iger is a major Democratic donor.

The Walt Disney political action committee gives only slightly more to Democratic candidates - 57 percent, compared with 43 percent to Republicans.

Disney has spent $2.8 million on lobbying so far this year... and spent $3.5 million in 2013.


 Texas gun shop takes it up a notch... with latest sign blasting Obama 

Popular gun shop Tactical Firearms, based in Katy, Texas, is known for the clever — sometimes controversial — messages posted outside the business.

The gun shop’s latest message slamming President Barack Obama over his handling of the Islamic State, has sparked as much controversy as any of the past messages.

“Does one of Obama’s family members have to be beheaded for ‘change’ to happen?” reads the marquee outside Tactical Firearms.

CEO Jeremy Alcede told KHOU-TV he pays attention to the news and determines “what needs to be fixed” and what is “important” before he decides to voice his opinion by posting a message on the marquee.

“We’ve tried to educate people, but they aren’t listening,” he said.

To the people who have claimed the sign is offensive, Alcede told parents to use it as an opportunity to teach their kids about what is going on in the world. He did not, however, offer an apology.

“You should show them the news and say this is reality kids. Beheadings happen, but they shouldn’t,” he said.


 When a cop points a radar gun at you... it could be for illegal texting while driving 

If you’re driving down the road in the future... and you see a cop pointing what appears to be a radar gun your way, stepping on the brake to slow down might not help you out...

Because speeding might not be what he’s looking for. 

A Virginia-based company is developing a detection gun that can tell if a person in the vehicle is texting. 

According to the Virginian-Pilot, ComSonics is creating a device that picks up on radio frequencies that come from a cellphone being used inside the car.

Malcolm McIntyre, the company’s calibration services manager, told the newspaper that text messages emit a different frequency than other cellphone activities.

This would allow such a device to determine if a driver were possibly sending a text behind the wheel. 

ComSonics already has a foot into the law enforcement industry, in that it offers calibration and repair services for radar and lidar equipment. 

The Virginian-Pilot reported that this new technology would be similar to its devices that are used by cable technicians to detect leaks.

ComSonic’s QAM Sniffer, for example, is able to locate a leak by picking up frequencies from a cable. 

While McIntyre said the text-detecting gun is “close to production,” it would still have to gain legal approval and be brought into law enforcement departments. 

According to AutoEvolution, ComSonic also said at the Virginia Distracted Driving Summit this week that it is still working on a way to find who out in a vehicle might have been texting, if there is more than one person in the car. 

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 44 states ban texting while driving.

The Federal Communications Commission pointed out that research has found texting while driving increases a crash risk by 23 percent compared to a situation where a driver is not distracted. 

There's talk that the same company is also working on a radar gun, that picks up - when women are putting on make-up while driving.


 Prototype 'Ghost' military water craft

If you combined a stealth jet fighter and an attack helicopter and stuck them in the water, what would you get?

Well, according to the folks at New Hampshire’s Juliet Marine Systems (JMS), you’d get their GHOST marine platform. 

Privately developed for possible use by the U.S. Navy, the boat would reportedly be invisible to enemy ships’ radar, while also being faster and more economical than existing military vessels.

The company’s big claim, however, is that GHOST is the world’s first super-cavitating watercraft. GHOST is a super-cavitating surface craft which is able to achieve 900 times less hull friction compared to a conventional watercraft

Another great idea for the us military and U.S. navy. This fast attack stealth boat will make a difference.

Developed by U.S. Citizens for the U.S. Navy at no cost to the U.S. government... for providing superior protection to US service personnel. 

Watch the video:


 The Willis Clan: Band of Siblings 

A musical family inspires the audience with their country spin on "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music." See the 12-person sibling act wow the judges and audience. 

The group of 12 siblings hails from Nashville and their parents, Brenda and Toby, began looking into their Irish ancestry when they had just four children. The kids started Riverdance at a young age.

While the family learned Riverdance, they also began their singing careers and worked together to get where they are now.

Watch the video:



 This is Just to Say...
by William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963 

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably

for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
nd so cold

• So, here’s the deal. I ate your plums. But I’m too lazy to go buy you some more. So instead, I’m just going to write you this incredibly irritating note that you’re supposed to find charming. Even though you don’t have any plums for breakfast now. Ha ha! It sucks to be you! 

• This is just to say I ate the damn plums in the icebox. Yeah, you were probably saving them for your breakfast. I guess that makes me a selfish bastard. But honestly, I don’t give a care. They were crazy good.

• This is just to say I chowed down on the plums in the icebox. I didn’t leave any for you. Sorry about that. But on the upside, I’m writing this folksy, plain-spoken poem that 9th grade honor students will be forced to read for years to come.  

(Just so you know - the plums were delicious. So sweet and so cold.)


 FreshRealm... re-imagining and empowering the entire fresh food ecosystem

It is estimated, approximately half of all the fresh food produced on planet earth - goes to waste, due to inefficient distribution and spoilage. 

The next revolution of commerce and interaction is all about connectivity. FreshRealm was formed to help usher in this new era. Welcome to the .co era of cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation. 

FreshRealm is a vision for the future of food made possible by a reusable shipping Vessel and a B2B2C cloud-based technology platform.

The result is faster distribution, fewer preservatives, reduced food waste, and nation-wide eradication of fresh food deserts.

The project required extensive cross collaboration between our design, research and strategy, engineering, and graphics teams as well as FreshRealm's leadership. 

The Challenge 

FreshRealm, a technology startup with a mission to make fresh food delivery a possibility for all, wanted to create an accessible platform to connect consumers with fresh food producers, and reduce the waste involved in the system.

The challenge for our team was to design a food transport vessel that would enable the delivery of consistently fresh food... along with a brand that would resonate with customers and partners alike.

While food is the largest industry in the United States, it is built around a ten day food industry distribution process that causes:

• High levels of spoilage at high levels of cost.
• An increase in preservatives.
• A lack of fresh food options.

Current Ecosystem 

FreshRealm Ecosystem 

We can do better

Food is the source for all human energy. Every movement and thought is fueled by our food. Food is important. Together, we're going to help the food industry evolve.

FreshRealm connects Shoppers & Merchants to a national network of Food Suppliers, Food Makers and Food Packers.

The existing network has facilities across the country that have been supplying established institutions with fresh, prepared food for over 10 years.

FreshRealm now allows everyone to benefit from decades of product development, food sourcing, food preparation and food safety expertise.

The FreshRealm Cloud is what produces massive efficiency and greatly reduced distribution time. It connects the dots and applies lean manufacturing principles to all parts of the distribution chain.

Food Makers, Food Packers, Food Carriers, Merchants and Shoppers are all seamlessly connected via the FreshRealm Cloud.

This cutting-edge tech solution allows geographically-distant individuals and organizations to work together for on-demand food-making and just-in-time national food delivery.

Combing a sense of community with a meaningful platform

FreshRealm's business model creates a brand new community and food ecosystem.

In the creation of the community, the challenge of engaging the new players, influencing the community and encouraging greater connected-ness presents itself.

As a platform that connects end users, growers, packers, business developers and deliverers, the experience and needs of all of these different players was considered and designed for.



 Cheerleaders bold move during moment of silence... that led hundreds to chant in unison "The Lord's Prayer"

When some of the cheerleaders at a Tennessee high school learned that they would no longer be able to publicly pray over the loudspeaker before football games, they took action.

The decades-long tradition at Oneida High School in Oneida, Tennessee, of saying an invocation over the PA was recently halted...

Following complaints from atheist and civil rights leaders, who called the practice a violation of the separation of church and state, WBIR-TV reported.

School officials replaced the public prayers with a moment of silence, bumping out the popular faith-based tradition that had reportedly been unfolding at the school since 1930.

That removal didn’t sit too well with some of the cheerleaders though, leading Asia Canada, a member of the squad, to break the moment of silence before a recent game...

By loudly reciting the Lord’s Prayer - an act that has had a sweeping impact. 

“He called for the moment of silence and I started off, ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ and everyone joined in,” she told WBIR-TV. 

Kevin Acres, who does announcements for each game, told the outlet that the entire stadium joined in, including the opposing team members.

Now, Canada and her squad say the Lord’s Prayer before every home game — a recitation that is permitted, as it is student-led and not conducted over a loudspeaker.

Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation had previously encouraged the district to drop public prayer.

While the school eventually complied and frustrated some of the faithful, the cheerleaders’ new tradition has led to what Acres believes is a positive development.

“Where you had one person saying a prayer over the PA, now you’ve got hundreds, maybe a thousand people saying it together,” he said. 

Watch the video:

The Lord's Prayer


Why do we allow the ignorant few... to dictate to the traditional many?

Awesome! People need to know that “separation of church and state” is not found in the Constitution and the freedom of religion is not freedom FROM religion.

The freedom of religion is meant to limit the government, not the people.  

Jefferson attended church services in House Chambers of the U.S. Capitol building - three days after writing his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association.


 Touching hand-written poem by a famous rock star... once delivered to evangelist Billy Graham

It’s no secret that U2 frontman Bono is a Bible-believing Christian — but what some might not know is that the musician is friends with famed evangelist Billy Graham.

And another fun fact: the rocker once wrote the Christian leader a heartfelt poem... that is now on display in the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bono delivered the handwritten poem to the faith leader after visiting Graham and his family at their home back in 2002. 

In it, the singer said he would “never forget” the preacher’s sermons, which he said helped bring meaning to his life.

And here’s the full text:

The journey from Father to friend
is all paternal loves end
It was sung in my teenage ears
In the voice of a preacher
loudly soft on my tears
I would never forget this

Melody line
Or its lyric voice that gave my life
A Rhyme
a meaning that wasn’t there before
a child born in dung and straw
wish the Father’s love and desire to explain
how we might get on with each other again…

To the Rev Billy Graham (that preacher)
Ruth and all the Graham family
From Bono (March 11 2002)
With much love and respect

In 2011, Sojourners writer Cathleen Falsani described speaking with Bono in 2005 about his friendship with and respect for Graham, which began in 2002 when the singer visited the family.

He recalled receiving a message that the evangelist wanted to offer up a blessing to U2 members — something Bono described at the time as “a big deal.”

“So I rented a plane and flew there right away in case he might forget. I was picked up by his son, Franklin, and driven a couple of hours up to their house,” Bono told Falsani.

“I met briefly with himself and his wife, Ruth. I think I’ve mentioned to you before that the blessings of an older man mean a great deal to me. Particularly this man."

The singer gave Graham a book of poetry, writing his own poem on a piece of paper and placing it inside of it. 

These proclamations of faith aren’t entirely surprising, as Bono has generally been an open book about his views on God and the Bible.

In a 2013 interview with Focus on the Family, for instance, he described his strong stance on Christian scripture.

“Jesus isn’t lettin’ you off the hook. The Scriptures don’t let you off the hook so easily,” Bono said.

“When people say, you know, ‘Good teacher,’ ‘prophet,’ ‘really nice guy’ … this is not how Jesus thought of himself.”

He added, “I believe that Jesus was, you know, the Son of God. And I understand that … we need to be really, really respectful to people who find that ridiculous and … preposterous.”

Bono is quite well versed on the issue of God’s Grace. See this interview on Grace over Karma. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

In my view, he explained it better than most theologians and preachers out there.


 An Office Prank 

The Admin and HR head in my organization pulled a fast one on all employees during the lunch break on the last day of the financial year.

He announced, "Everyone pay attention, we are going to pay a little game. Your increment will depend on whether you play this game successfully."

He continued, "I will announce the name of a fruit, and as soon as you hear it, you all have to move to the left side of the hall.

If I announce the name of a color, everyone has to move to the right side of the hall. Anyone who moves in the wrong direction misses his or her pay hike this year. Clear to everyone?"

Everybody nodded in the affirmative.

The Admin and HR head then announced, "Okay... ready? ORANGE!!"

Loud noises from the hall, "WTF!!"


 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally held a press conference on Friday. It was a tough press conference. They carried the guy out on a stretcher. -- David Letterman

 The situation in the NFL is awful. It's gotten so bad that even the Redskins want to change the commissioner's name. -- David Letterman

 Today was the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. There were 100 representatives from 135 nations in New York City - all here to pay tribute to Derek Jeter. -- David Letterman

 Chicago is reversing its plan to name a high school after President Obama after it received multiple complaints from people in the community. I guess parents were afraid their kids would spend eight years at the school and still not get anything done. -- Jimmy Fallon

 There was another round of leaked photos of nude celebrities this weekend, which included Mary-Kate Olsen. Mary-Kate said she was extremely embarrassed. Then her twin sister Ashley said, "Yeah, me too." -- Jimmy Fallon

 A man scaled the White House fence and ran across the lawn to the front door. Is it just me or is "The Amazing Race" running out of ideas? -- Conan O'Brien

 The White House has re-evaluated its security and today they announced they'll start locking the front door. They're also going to start asking who's there when someone knocks. -- Conan O'Brien

 Earlier tonight, there was the new show "Gotham." It's about when Batman was a little boy and Robin was a little girl. -- Craig Ferguson

 Today is the first day of fall. But the weather doesn't change here. The only way we know what season it is in L.A. is by what Paris Hilton's dog is wearing. Today, cashmere sweater. -- Jimmy Kimmel 

 About 400,000 people marched in New York today to draw attention to climate change. They held up signs and banners. They chanted things like "Hey, hey, ho, ho, fossil fuels have got to go." You know when somebody begins a chant with "Hey, hey, ho, ho," they mean business. -- Jimmy Kimmel


 Obama falsely claimed and pretended al Qaeda was defeated? ... then Obama ignored the ISIS terrorist threat...

Now terrorist danger has multiplied 100-fold! Reports say there are ISIS agents in the U.S right now!

When John Kerry ran for president in 2004, he dismissed the allies fighting alongside the United States in Iraq as a “trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted.”

Now, as secretary of state, Kerry is going hat-in-hand to many of the same nations he insulted, asking them to join a U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.

No wonder he’s having so much trouble.

As Kerry lobbies potential coalition partners at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York this week, it is worth recalling how he offended the 30-plus nations that sent ground troops - at the request of George Bush - to fight alongside us in Iraq -

Including the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia, Romania, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Bulgaria, Thailand, El Salvador, Hungary, Singapore, Norway, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Latvia, Portugal...

The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Albania, New Zealand, Tonga, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Philippines, Armenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina...

Plus the many others who supported the mission with basing, overflight and other crucial assistance. 

Kerry dismissed as “window dressing” the sacrifice of those nations, including the 14 coalition countries who by then had seen their soldiers die on the battlefield in Iraq.

His cavalier comments prompted the president of Poland (a country that led Multinational Division in Central-South Iraq and lost 23 soldiers in battle) to declare,

“It’s sad that a Senator with twenty years of experience does not appreciate Polish sacrifice. I don’t think it’s a question of ignorance. It’s immoral not to see this involvement we undertook.” 

Kerry claimed at the U.N. on Friday that “we have seen more than 50 countries come forward with critical commitments.”

But in his U.N. speech, he named just two countries?

But this was not good enough for Kerry in 2004. He declared that 30 nations with actual boots on the ground was evidence of a “go-it-alone policy in Iraq.”

Now he expects to get credit for the support of any nation - that simply issues a strongly worded statement. 

After all, in 2004, Kerry declared that the United States could take preemptive action abroad - only if it “passes the global test.”

Well, if the current Iraq coalition is any indication, Kerry is failing his own global test. 

Kerry never learns - he's just like his boss Obama.

They believe facts are vapors and no one notices when they trip over themselves, or just tell blatant lies.

Is there an actual list of troops in the coalition or is it a secret?

It is amazing to see the progressives once again - have to circle the wagons over their failed policies and make like they were for everything Obama is doing now from the start.

So much for "lead from behind", I guess. That worked as well as "cash for clunkers".

This is exactly why they have to change their name back to liberals every few years - and then back again to progressives...

Hoping the people will forget whose terrible ideas these were in the first pace.

Obama and Hillary created the ISIS threat.

The have failed on every foreign policy front. The terrorists are no longer afraid of America, because of Obama's weak presence.

Obama has made the world a much more dangerous place... for Americans and the free world.


 'Madam Secretary' debuted Sunday on CBS... I'm surprised they didn't name her character 'Hillary McClinton'? 

Do you remember the liberal favoritism “West Wing” show, that first aired back when Bill Clinton was president? 

Did the Hillary camp fund this new show? No, just CBS. Oh wait - same thing.

Creator-producers (and registered Democrats) Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary deny the Hillary Clinton inspiration?

Do Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary think they’re fooling anyone? They’re not even fooling liberal TV critics - who are somewhere below food critics and toothpaste critics on the critic food chain.

Madam Secretary, better known as CBS’ in-kind contribution to the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, will go the Benghazi route. 

Madam Secretary nothing more than a sleezy liberal falsehood campaign ad for Hillary Clinton 

Of course it is. There’s not much point in spending millions on a propaganda series to promote Hillary Clinton...

If you aren’t going to play thinly masked revisionism with one of the darkest periods in her career…

Well, other than when she defended a 12-year old girl’s rapist, when she was a practicing lawyer. 

The only question is how soon before they roll out their revised version of the Benghazi hearings - at which their version of Hillary will deliver a scripted speech to scripted applause.

I would imagine that’s going to be their season finale. 

CBS chairman Sumner Redstone, glad-handing with the Clintons.

Meanwhile here are the Clintons with the apolitical executive chairman of CBS... at an event that Variety described as the chairman honoring her.

In 2007, Redstone gave the maximum to her campaign. 

I don't think CBS cares that this lame revisionist history will bomb. They just want to promote the lie until it does. Then on to a new lie. That's how Democrats roll.

Remember last year, when MSNBC and CNN were each talking about producing a “Hillary” mini-series – to air in 2016 – just before the election?

Then they decided it was just to evident, that their biased scheme was just more liberal false propaganda.

Apparently… CBS isn’t too embarrassed to air their extreme liberal bias.


Alibaba has priced shares at $68 a piece, at the high end of its $66-$68 range, raising $21.8B and shattering records as the largest U.S. IPO in history. The sale places Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) in the ranks of the most valuable Internet companies with a market capitalization of $168B, 20x FY14 (ended March '14) sales and 45x FY14 earnings.

Thousands were lining up all over the world for Apple's new release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The record demand for the bigger-screen smartphones has already outstripped supply, with preorders selling out last week. The two went on sale today in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, before rolling out in France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S.

TransCanada CEO Russ Girling has announced that the cost of building the Keystone XL pipeline will likely double from the current $5.4B estimate by the time the U.S. government completes its review of the project. The CEO's comments come after TransCanada told state regulators that the cost to build the South Dakota portion of the pipeline has more than doubled in the last four years due to pipe maintenance, labor agreements and inflation.

Home Depot discloses that information on 56M payments cards was put at risk in a five month cyber-attack on its payment terminals. The breach tops the attack at Target last winter, which affected 40M credit and debit cards. Home Depot says the data was compromised through advanced malware which entered the company's systems in April.


 Is this homeless people waiting in line, for a meal at a soup kitchen?

It would be hard to write today, without at least some lip service to these nut cases:

Modern scenes of the Greater Depression? Homeless waiting in line at a soup kitchen?

Yeah, right. This Apple store in New York has 4,700 people lined up to be the "first" to buy the iPhone 6.

They could have ordered it online weeks ago and had it shipped today, but noooo... That would be too easy.

At least some of these jackasses are doing something useful - and reselling the phones to people with actual jobs, and making thousands on margin.


 The NASA orbiter arrives on Mars after a year long journey 

The Maven spacecraft arrived at the red planet late on Sunday night after a 442 million-mile (700 million kilometres) journey that began nearly a year ago.

NASA confirmed that the robotic explorer slipped into Martian orbit as planned. Now the real work begins for the $671 million mission.

Flight controllers will spend the next six weeks adjusting Maven’s altitude and checking its science instruments.

Then Maven will start probing the Martian upper atmosphere. The spacecraft will conduct its observations from orbit; it’s not meant to land.

Scientists believe the Martian atmosphere holds clues as to how Earth’s neighbor went from being warm and wet billions of years ago to cold and dry.

That early moist world may have harbored microbial life, a tantalizing question yet to be answered.


 How to create a no-mess watermelon smoothie... in under two minutes 

Here is a simple trick to make you the boss of the picnic. Create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with essentially no mess in 2 minutes.

All you need is a drill, a watermelon, a coat hanger, a plastic cup and a sharpie! We suggest you wash the wire hanger before proceeding.

Watch the video:


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Thought for the day...

Natural remedies... traditional Chinese medicine

I hadn’t realized how relaxing Bali was for me last time I was here.

I visit a lot of sites when I travel, and I like to see as many people and as much of the local culture as I can wherever I go. But Bali has a different speed to it that you don’t experience anywhere else.

No matter what was happening, I never felt rushed. I never felt pressed for time. I sort of forgot about that until I came back these last few days.

My friends Lelir and Westi. They are the couple I’ve written to you about who give “herbal walks” around the area near their home in Ubud.

They show tourists and others the different roots and plants they use to make the health products in their shop.

Most of the people on Bali don’t use Western medicine and instead rely on herbal medicine.

Westi and his younger generation, along with traditional herbalists like his wife Ni Wayan Lelir (nee why-an leh-leer) will be part of the second hospital system.

They are trying to help maintain Bali’s ancient healing traditions that are so effective. The island itself is named after the traditional healers called Balians.

Westi wants to eventually build a healing center like those for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will be focused on wellness and teaching sustainability, but the tourists will also get to take home fresh herbs from his private garden.

For example, on that first day, Westi showed me three of the most important herbs he grows in his garden. Turmeric, Tulsi (Holy Basil) and his rows and rows of what he called sereh – lemongrass.

On Bali, they use lemongrass in the same way the traditional Chinese medical doctors would. They press the plant to extract the healthy oils. And, they use the plant to add flavor to many foods and teas.

It calms the digestive tract and the warm lemony scent has a calming, happy effect.

Westi also described to me how they use lemongrass to relieve headaches, just as traditional Chinese doctors do. They’ve used it as a headache cure for countless centuries.

Lemongrass tea is refreshing, and many Balinese also keep a little in a spray bottle because it’s also an insect repellant.


Bali is a unique mix of Indonesian, Indian and Chinese healing cultures.

Bali’s healers have a lot of unique uses for their plants, but there are also some that are used the same way as in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One thing I recently learned... is that Traditional Chinese Medicine used lemongrass to treat cance - and recent science backs up this use.

One study found the compound citral in lemongrass causes cancer cells to commit suicide. Lemongrass tea or food garnish or leaves – even as little as one gram – contains enough citral to signal cancer cells to die off.

Besides citral, there are also other components of lemongrass that send cancer cells the signal to die off, while leaving healthy cells alone.

An extract of only 50% lemongrass killed off breast cancer, ovarian, colon and liver cancer cells equally well.

The cancer-killing secrets of Cymbopogon citratus are still largely a secret from the West. So if you’d like to use lemongrass, look for the Chinese medicinal name of “xiang mao.”

You’re more likely to find this in an Asian specialty store, than a Chinese Medicine store however, because it’s used more widely in Southeast Asia. 

Even so, for thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have used this anti-cancer herb for all its healthful effects. They usually make a tea from lemongrass.

All you have to do is boil about 10 leaves in 2 cups of water, adding some honey and a slice of ginger for taste.

Chinese medicine is full of natural remedies like these that have been time-tested and passed from generation to generation … yet they are still largely a mystery to Western medicine.

But I do know of one resource that is changing that. It’s called Chinese Medicine Healing Miracles, and it reveals many of these natural treatments you won’t hear of from Western doctors.

You’d have to spend months reading medical books translated from the original Chinese to find just a few of the secrets you’ll find there. For example, it will help you:

• Cut your risk of stroke in HALF with a simple high-plains herb.

• Erase knee pain with the palm of your hand.

• Cure night blindness with this special food.

• Shrink cancerous tumors with a rare but powerful plant


$2.95 .Com at!

Brace yourself. A slew of shocking figures coming your way... time for working smarter, not harder

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American male works about one month more a year, than in 1976. Even more for the average woman.

On top of this, the U.S. is the only country in the Americas without a national paid parental leave benefit. The average is over 12 weeks anywhere outside of Europe… and 20 weeks in Europe.

Americans also don't have "nurture days" per child until age 8, like in Denmark. Nor do we have year-long paid parental leaves for mothers and fathers, as in Iceland.

A national three-month sabbatical policy, which Belgium enjoys? We can only dream.

According to the International Labor Organization:

• Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers...

• 260 more hours per year than English workers...

• And 499 more hours per year than German workers.

It's no surprise to learn, then, that according to the BLS, the average productivity per American worker has increased 400% since 1950.

Even so, we're not seeing the fruits of this added productivity.

Also, Americans don't really fight for their working rights. We're too busy working. And too afraid to upset the status quo and lose our jobs and livelihoods.

It's getting so bad, in fact, our brains are starting to shrink. The WHO has rated the U.S. the most anxious country on the planet.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is in the middle of a massive, multi-year study...

f how our high-stress, long hours work cultures are making us sick - and how much its costing employers (a lot).

Americans spend almost twice as much on healthcare per person, than most other countries.

The Yale Stress Center findings are even more shocking. Yale's functional MRI studies are showing that the stress of it all is actually shrinking our brains.

But we didn't always put busyness on such a high pedestal…

To many ancient Greek philosophers, living a life of leisure was the highest aim of a human being.

True leisure, the Greeks believed, free from the drudgery of work, not only refreshed the soul but also opened it up.

"In our leisure," said Ovid, "we reveal what kind of people we are."

"In the Middle Ages," Ben Hennicutt, a leisure scholar (yes, leisure scholar) at the University of Iowa told researcher Brigid Schulte, "the sin of sloth had two forms.

One was paralysis, the inability to do anything - what we would see as lazy.

But the other side was something called "acedia" - running about frantically. The sense that, 'There's no real place I'm going, but by God, I'm making great time getting there.'"

OK. Let's rewind to where it all really started to become a problem…

In the 1980s, economists had started to notice that work hours for white collar, college-educated workers began to hit an extreme.

At the same time, social surveys were seeing an elevation in the same group's sense of economic insecurity.

The reason is something we can all relate to.

Juliet Schor calls it a vicious cycle of "work-and-spend." It's a treadmill of more spending, more stuff, more debt, stagnant wages, higher costs, less quality, and more work to pay for it all.

"While it's true that household debt and spending on "luxury" items have gone up at the same time," Brigid Schulte chimes in...

"It's also true that wages have been stagnating and the costs of basic things like health care, housing, and education have gone through the roof -

The cost of college has blown up nearly 900% in recent decades.

When was the last time anyone outside hedge fund managers and the 1% got a 900% raise?"

And while wages remain stagnant, salaried workers got the shaft…

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act protected only hourly workers from working overtime, instituting overtime pay once a worker hit 40 hours.

Salaried workers can be worked, by law, to death, without breaking any laws.

Even the standard of a 40-hour workweek is archaic. It's a vestige of the manufacturing age.

Forty hours was the amount of time Henry Ford discovered he could push his manual laborers on assembly lines...

Before they'd get too tired... and make expensive mistakes.

This Week's Government Goofs & Goofballs
An Independent & unbiased accounting of our government 
& political mischief

IRS identity fraud spikes 413% over past five years... lost more than $5 billion dollars last year 

“Drug dealers are turning to IRS identity theft because it’s less risky and more lucrative...

There are 78% more incidents this year than last year,” said Chairman Mica.

“This is not a ‘phony scandal’ - this is a real problem costing taxpayers billions and the Administration is failing to act.”

IRS remains easily scammed by identity thieves. If the victim has not filed a tax return yet, criminals will file a return and receive illegal tax refunds from IRS. 

The hearing will review the IRS’s failure to adequately detect or prevent identity theft tax fraud. 

The amount of identity theft related tax fraud is skyrocketing.

• From FY 2011 to FY 2012, the IRS saw a 78 percent increase in identity theft cases. Over the last 5 years, the number of cases has increased 413%.

• The Taxpayer Advocate Service, which provides assistance to victims, has seen a 650 percent increase in cases from FY 2008 to FY 2012.

• These are only known cases: No one knows how many cases of identity theft related tax fraud go undetected.

The cost of identity theft is over $5 billion per year and could be much higher.

• The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reported that the IRS could have paid out $5.2 billion in fraudulent claims in 2011.

TIGTA estimates that the IRS could pay $21 billion in fraudulent tax refunds in the next five years. TIGTA says that number “is conservative,” and the actual amount of fraudulent payments could be much higher.

• TIGTA’s estimates only include fraudulent payments the IRS did not identify - not payments the IRS made and later found to be fraudulent. The amount of known fraudulent payments was $70 million in 2011.

The IRS is not adequately helping victims of identity theft.

• The number of taxpayers who have been victims of identity theft-related tax fraud has almost tripled in recent years. 

• Fraudsters often target people who are unlikely to file returns, such as children, retired people, or deceased individuals. 

Service members who are killed in action are sometimes the victims of identity theft, as are deceased children.

• It can take over a year before a victim can resolve a case of identity theft related tax fraud. The average wait time is over 6 months.

• As of September 2012, there were 650,000 cases of identity theft within the IRS that remained unsolved.

• Many victims have experienced rude or discourteous service from the IRS. 

In 2011, a victim testified that when she called to ask about her case, the IRS representative “proceeded to yell and scream at me,” and then hung up on her. 

The victim said, “The way I feel I have been treated by the IRS system - has made me a victim a second time.”

There are not enough deterrents to stop people from committing this type of fraud.

• It is extremely easy to commit identity theft tax fraud. A thief only needs a name and a Social Security number to file a fraudulent return. The IRS rarely investigates identity theft related tax fraud, which makes it low risk for criminals. 

• Many tax programs allow users to receive tax returns on a prepaid debit card. This makes tax fraud even less risky, because debit cards do not have the same level of protection or identification requirements needed to create a bank account or cash a tax refund check.

• The IRS often does not stop potentially fraudulent returns - even if they are detected? The average amount of a fraudulent return is small, but many thieves file hundreds of returns and collect millions of dollars.

In Florida, former drug dealers now commit identity theft tax fraud instead, because as one suspect told police, “Why would I take the risk to sell drugs and get busted when I can put $10,000 on a card and do it all day long from home while the cartoons are on?”

The IRS is not using its resources effectively to combat identity theft.

• The IRS has said it does not have enough resources to fully address identity theft. 

However, watchdogs including TIGTA and the Taxpayer Advocate Service have all made recommendations - that could help prevent fraud - without costing additional money. 

The IRS has not implemented many of these recommendations.

• One recommendation is to consolidate the units working on identity theft within the IRS, which would provide better customer assistance and reduce duplicative work. 

There are currently 21 separate units that deal with identity theft at the IRS?

• The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has also recommended that the IRS use more information to stop fraud. The IRS has access to information that it does not fully use.

GAO has found that the IRS could save significant resources - if it re-prioritized its enforcement costs and more effectively allocated its resources.

The IRS rarely investigates incidents of fraud.

• The average amount of each fraudulent tax refund is about $3,400. However, criminals who submit multiple fraudulent returns have received millions of dollars from the IRS.

• The IRS rarely investigates these incidents of fraud due to the small amount of each individual case. As a result, the majority of identity fraud cases are never investigated and the criminals face no legal repercussions

Privacy laws have limited local law enforcement from investigating many cases, because they cannot access IRS information.


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