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The Future of Love

Although we still get butterflies, the way we find and interact with the loves in our lives has been changed dramatically. From Skype, virtual and robotic sex, and all kinds of dating apps, our love live has gone digital.

Jump forward another twenty years, and our digital love lives will have changed once again. Here are three technological developments that may enhance love in the future: 

Emotion Chip

Picture this: You’re meeting your date and you start to smile that crazy smile of infatuation, gesture more like you’re still a teenager, and your voice goes up a notch. All these changes will get noted by the smart devices that surround you, and they will start to adapt to your new emotional state.

Spotify will change its tune to a romantic one. The lighting adjusts to show you off at your best. The heating sets itself ever so slightly warmer. Your clothes shift shape towards an almost unnoticeably sexier design.

Your kitchen starts to chill the wine and spits out some tasty nibbles. Your sports program gets postponed, and your walls and ceiling show an ocean view with a distant sunset…

And this is just the start. Because smart devices will learn over time. They will match your emotional states and favored responses to thousands of patterns online. New devices can tap into this knowledge instantly, as it’s hosted in the cloud.

As we speak (2017), about 6.5 billion devices are connected to the Internet. That’s a 30% increase from 2015. The big research agencies project a growth rate of 280% of connected devices in 2020. 

More and more devices are being fitted with optical and audio sensors to monitor your emotional state. The only real big thing is the intelligence those devices need to develop to leave you in peace: at this point, they clutch you at your knees like a needy toddler and start to bleep their messages, wanted or not.

Brain Uploads

Picture this: you just met your new love, and he is really into martial arts. What better way to get to know him, than to put on a good fight. The only problem is, the closest you get to a kung-fu move is the kick you deal when the cookie jar doesn’t want to part from its lid. But not anymore. Because you can upload kung-fu skills directly to your brain.

Recently, an experiment was done with the ability to fly a plane. the brain activity of professional pilots was analyzed and patterns of electrical stimulation were designed to emulate it. People who had never flown a plane before got a cap on their head with electrodes to stimulate the precise brain areas that the pilots had used.

Then they were asked to join a flight simulation as a pilot. They competed with a group who had no brain stimulation. And the remarkable result: the stimulated group outperformed the non-stimulated group by over 34%.

When you learn a new skill, new neural paths develop. The researchers are looking to replicate those paths in unskilled brains. We’re only at the beginning of understanding specific neural pathways and patterns, but progress is fast.

Touchy... Feely

The good thing about all this technology is when it enhances our abilities and skills to a level that helps us to interact with others in a constructive way. 

When you think about it, the best thing about all this tech is when it helps people with severe disabilities to (re)capture a ‘normal’ life. To have real feeling in prosthetic limbs and to experience touch even when paralyzed. 

Presently, electrical wires in prosthetics are attached to pressure and grip sensors on the one hand, and to nerves at the other. This means that a prosthetic limb passes information to the brain about the surface you touch and how much pressure you need to exert, or is exerted on you. 

Brain implants can already read electrical activity in the brain and turn that information into action. External robotic skeletons or prosthetic limbs can perform actions and in their turn inform the brain about the feeling of that action. That's huge when you’re talking about making love.

While prosthetics, exoskeletons, and brain implants still look clumsy or fake, advances in cosmetic surgery, humanoid robotics, and new materials are moving rapidly towards a life like experience of skin, muscles, and bone. It’s a matter of time before we won’t be able to tell the difference between a natural and an artificial experience.

The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely

How these technologies will affect our society is hard to predict. However, futurists think that we will want to control our environment and lives more and more. We want to think we’re the master of the world. Literally. Because we experiment with genetics and artificial biology.

We can create new plants and other life-forms by tinkering with DNA and even invent new DNA. It’s quite possible that more humanoid species will wander the world once again. With different levels of inbred technologies.

The Good

People with several physical disabilities will be able to hear, see, feel, move just like people without. We will achieve a level playing field at last.

The Bad

Not everyone will have access to new technology. The gap between rich and poor will manifest itself in new ways. Inequality scares me. It’s one of the causes of unrest and upheaval for the have-nots. And one of the causes for wanting repressive measures at the other end.

I wouldn’t want inequality to grow: people without access will truly stand outside the society, increasing the odds of violence. In that scenario, technology may be used in bad ways: without your consent, to monitor your thought, change your skills, and mutate your loved ones.

The Lovely

Will an overload of technology make us go Amish? I don’t think so. We just have a hard time envisioning a situation in which we need that technology. Like in the late 1990s, when we felt that a cellphone was the last thing we needed. Imagine.

People disturbing you all the time, while they can just as easily write you a letter! And look at us now. We use our phone for everything, even dating. We swipe photo’s on our smart phones until we see a lovely face. And then we send a heart.


The best workout for overall health

We care for our bodies. We walk instead of drive, take the stairs, eat leafy green vegetables, drink imported spring water. But our spirits need just as much nourishment.

Take the health of your spirit to heart. Set bitterness aside. Seek peace. Meditate. Dream. Forgive. Pray. You take care of your body. Take care for your spirit too.

Probably the most important health is your Spiritual. But, it is a balance that needs to be maintained. Amen!

Watch the video:



Liberalism in America is a big fat lie! Liberals talk about "our values" but their corrupt, divisive, liberal values… are not America’s values!

Hillary Clinton’s defeat is precisely what it seems to be: a rejection not only of the Democratic Party but of contemporary warped, corrosive liberalism. Not only did Clinton lose, but Obama’s legacy was also rejected as an epic failure.

Democrats today may see themselves as heirs to a progressive tradition that traces its lineage back to racist Woodrow Wilson. But that does not describe the Democratic Party that elevated Obama and Hillary Clinton to the position of standard bearer.

Today’s version of progressivism represented by Obama and Clinton accommodates present-day Godless criminality and hate. Rather than trying to build America up, Democrats now willfully create division and tear America down.

Even after losing the election, the divisive Democrat party still doesn’t get it. Corrupt Democrats and the corrupt liberal media have doubled down on their lies and division. The moral of the story… never, ever trust a liberal!

Here are some of devious Democrat's "schemes" for the week... 04/28/2017


Cat got your tongue? Guest stuns lame liberal Chris Mathews on his show... by praising President Trump's North Korea policy

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius told Chris Matthews Monday that the “smartest thing Trump has done the first 100 days of foreign policy” is working in tandem with China to put pressure on North Korea.

Ignatius stated he thinks “Trump is right to think that the time address the North Korean problem is now.”

“The longer you wait, the more likely they’ll have a deliverable nuclear weapon that can attack the United States and that becomes a different confrontation.”

“During the campaign, Trump was incendiary of his criticism of China,” he continued. “Really just red hot rhetoric.”

“He realized that when he became president that he will not be able to solve the North Korea problem, even address it, without having a relationship with China’s President Xi, and he set about doing that,” Ignatius explained.

“Thanks to President Trump, China is now, to a surprising extent, working in tandem with the United States to deal with North Korea.”


Liberal marchers cherry-pick their corrupt science... most liberal science claims come from corrupt scientists paid by government grants

Tens of thousands of smug liberals participated in more than 600 worldwide “Marches for Science” Saturday, attacking conservatives and the Trump Administration for being “anti-science.”

But it’s easy for left-of-center Americans to paint themselves as pro-science when they ignore their own irrational beliefs and define “science” as holding stances they have anyway on issues like spending and regulation.

The most egregious example of anti-science behavior by marchers is the promotion of recycling, an activity that research has debunked (except aluminum) as unhelpful and even harmful to the environment. Only 5 percent of America’s waste comes from household garbage, but that didn’t diminish the activism of the “science defenders” over the weekend.

Leaders of the Reno March for Science encouraged marchers to recycle the papers with their chants, which ironically will reduce demand for paper, thus causing fewer trees to be planted and exacerbating global warming.

Recycling was a big focus of Houston and Illinois Marches, too, and one March-supporting blogger attacked religious opponents of climate change while encouraging recycling, which has become its own kind of religion little different from the one that denies evolution – though perhaps more harmful.

Democrats have also chosen the anti-science side regarding genetically modified food. Liberal Democrats in Vermont pioneered labeling requirements for such products, even though there’s as much a consensus such food is safe as there is that humans are causing harmful climate change.

Liberals are more likely to advocate the snake-oil practice of homeopathy, which drains money from our health-care system by wasting it on, well, water.

Liberals have stymied our nation’s ability to solve much of its energy problem with nuclear power. And liberals are more likely to support animal rights, which literally takes scientific tools out of researchers’ hands by undercutting life-saving animal experimentation. Sometimes liberals take a stand on an issue, then cherry-pick data that reinforces it.

Realizing the political benefits of homosexuality being innate, they have pointed to tentative and biased natural science research while eschewing the near-unanimity in social science, whose overwhelming evidence (collected and analyzed mostly by LGBT researchers) shows that NOBODY is born gay.

A closer look shows that for lots of the marchers the event wasn’t about science after all, but just an chance to bash conservatives outdoors. They found some interesting ways to make their pet causes “about science”:

A speaker at a March in Pasadena said immigration is a science issue because so many important American scientists (including Einstein) were born overseas.

Marchers in several California cities suggested additional funds for science should come from military expenditures, or as one sign put it, “Fewer Invasions, More Equations.” So now science has a foreign policy?

A UC-Berkeley rally supported graduate research assistants trying to unionize. I guess if you squint that’s a scientific issue, but so is the university’s right not to have its precious research funds diverted to the United Auto Workers and their strong-arm tactics and unreasonable demands.

The event’s lack of focus arose early, focusing on the role of racial inequality, with many demanding social justice on the agenda. Here’s one widely shared Tweet: Science march DC: colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice are scientific issues.

That barely coherent manifesto was followed by a black power salute and a rainbow flag. And one wonders why conservatives are not impressed with such marches. Look, if everything is a scientific issue, then nothing is a scientific issue. Indeed, many of the supposed “scientific” questions raised by the March are actually political disputes.

For example, marchers objected to funding cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency. But one can fully support the scientific method and accept the results of environmental research but still believe over-regulation hurts the economy (and thus the population) more than most ecological dangers.

Similarly, one could support vigorous environmental regulation – but at the state rather than federal level. How is that anti-science? And of course Republican budgets are going to appear “anti-science.” Unlike Democrats, we want to restrain spending.

Is a Republican who supports scientific research but believes government expenditures are out of control required to make an exception for science? Why not for every project important to her? Our aversion to spending thus allowed liberal marchers to paint us as fighting science – instead of just opposing their political worldview.

Science is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. Pretending only one party believes in science, and that all of its pet issues are scientific, is not going to help the flourishing of the American experiment.


Berkeley sued for canceling Conservative Ann Coulter's speech

Two conservative students groups are suing the University of California, Berkeley for canceling a speech by conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

The groups, the Young America’s Foundation and Berkeley College Republicans, argue in a lawsuit filed in California on Monday that Berkeley placed the rights of masked protesters above those of tuition-paying conservative students.

“University officials concede that they allow the tastes and criminal actions of a masked mob to define who they allow to speak at U.C. Berkeley,” the complaint states.

Coulter was set to speak at a campus event this Thursday, but university officials last week notified the groups hosting her that the speech would be cancelled due to security concerns.

The school offered to allow Coulter to appear on campus on May 2, but the student groups say in the lawsuit that the offer is not acceptable because classes are not being held next week while students prepare for finals.

The groups accuse Berkeley, once known as the “birthplace of the Free Speech Movement,” of restricting and stifling “the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy.”

They say the school, a well-known liberal enclave, cancelled the event “simply because that expression may anger or offend students, UC Berkeley administrators, and/or community members who do not share Plaintiffs’ viewpoints.”

The lawsuit asserts that Berkeley “could have taken appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of those attending conservative speaking engagements – as is their duty to all students on campus – but they have refused to do so.”

It also accuses school officials of caving into the “whims” of so-called antifa (anti-fascist) groups that have recently protested various conservative events around the country.

Antifas have been particularly active at Berkeley. Masked antifas disrupted a pro-Trump rally held on campus earlier this month. And in February, members of the black-clad group forced the cancellation of a speech by right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos.



Cool Photos

Residents view the first iceberg of the season as it passes the South Shore, also known as "Iceberg Alley", near Ferryland Newfoundland, Canada, on April 16, 2017.

The moon is reflected in the sea as rockets are fired between the Aghios Marko Church and the Panaghia Erithiani Church during the annual Rocket War, known locally as the "Rouketopolemos", on April 15, 2017 in Chios, Greece. The event takes place at Easter in the town of Vrontados, where the congregations from two rival churches launch a "rocket war", attempting to hit the bell tower of the opposing church with tens of thousands of home-made rockets.

Homes in the area are forced to erect temporary protective fencing to prevent damage to their property while tourists come from all over the world to watch the spectacle.

Ten year old Isabella Nicola Cabrera plays her violin with her new prosthetic arm at the Engineering department of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 20, 2017. A group of five engineering students designed a new prosthetic for Isabel to use to play the violin.

People work in tulip fields surrounding Keukenhof spring garden, in Lisse, some 20 kilometers form Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 19, 2017.

A friar from St. Joseph Friary walks the Way of the Cross through the streets of Harlem on April 14, 2017 in New York City. Over 50 people joined the afternoon procession through Harlem and the South Bronx where a service was held at St. Crispin Friary.

Solar panels in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, on April 18, 2017.

A bird pulls fur from the back of a deer in Bushy Park in London, England, on April 16, 2017.

Holiday-makers enjoy Nile cruises during Sham el-Nessim, or "smelling the breeze," in Cairo, Egypt, on April 17, 2017. The holiday signifies the arrival of Spring, a uniquely Egyptian tradition practiced since the days of the Pharaohs.





One pound of honey = 2 million bee round-trips!

“It’s a finger-snapping kind of day!” -- Coco J Ginger

That fail moment: when you pull your blankets up and punch yourself in the face.

“The two most important days in your life, are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -- Mark Twain

My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch… I call it Lunch!

Sometimes I just look up, smile and say, “I know that was you God, helping me out or giving me a hand. Thanks!”


President Trump is quite pleased with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's job performance because he "gets great ratings"

“I’m not firing Sean Spicer,” Trump said in April, according to a Washington Post report that quotes several anonymous White House insiders.

“That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in,” Trump said, according to the source.

More than 3 million people watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox News combined when Spicer delivers his daily press briefings, according to a recent Nielsen survey, and Yahoo says that on average, 600,000 people stream the press briefings online each day.

The president even compared viewership of Spicer’s press briefing to daytime soap operas, WaPo reports.


Trump tax plan calls for 3 levels for individuals... corporate tax rate would go from 35% down to 15%

The Trump tax plan calls for cutting the number of individual tax brackets in the federal income tax system from seven to three. Those three brackets would have rates of 10%, 25% and 35%.

It’s important to note that Trump’s original plan called for three brackets, each with lower rates, but the rates were revised upward to conform with those proposed by Congressional Republicans.

There are deductions to consider as well. Changes are coming for taxpayers who take the standard deduction and for those who itemize. The Trump tax plan calls for increasing the standard deduction to $15,000 (for individuals) and $30,000 (for married couples filing jointly).

Trump’s tax plan differs from the Congressional Republicans’ tax plan when it comes to itemized deductions, though. House Republicans want to eliminate every itemized deduction (including state and local tax deductions) except those for charitable deductions and mortgage interest.

Trump, on the other hand, wants to cap itemized deduction at $100,000 for singles and $200,000 for joint filers. The tax changes that are signed into law during the Trump administration will likely be a compromise between the president’s plan and the plan that Congressional Republicans have proposed.

Trump’s proposal to slash business taxes would benefit wealthy Americans who are shareholders of the corporations set to receive tax cuts. He wants to lower the corporate tax from 35% to 15% and apply a 15% tax rate to business income earned by S corporations and partnerships, too.

Trump’s tax plan has evolved between the time he began his bid for the presidency and November 8, 2016. Currently, the three brackets that Trump has proposed are in line with the plan House Republicans have advanced, but Trump and Congressional Republicans are still at odds over other key aspects of tax reform.

Moreover, Republicans in the House and Senate are not in complete agreement when it comes to changing the tax code. In short, any tax changes that are implemented will be the result of much negotiating.


Geert Wilders speaks out about the "Islamization of the Netherlands" ... our country is being taken over from within

Geert Wilders a Dutch politician who is the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom. Wilders is the parliamentary group leader of his party in the House of Representatives.

Wilders is best known for his criticism of Islam. His views have made him a controversial figure in the Netherlands and abroad, and since 2004 he has been protected at all times by armed bodyguards.

Raised a Roman Catholic, Wilders left the church at his coming of age. His travels to Israel and neighboring Arab countries as a young adult helped form his political views. Wilders worked as a speech-writer for the conservative-liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.

Wilders has campaigned to stop what he views as the "Islamization of the Netherlands". He has compared the Quran to Mein Kampf and has campaigned to have the book banned in the Netherlands. He advocates ending immigration from Muslim countries, and supports banning the construction of new mosques.

Wilders was a speaker at the Facing Jihad Conference held in Jerusalem in 2008, which discussed the dangers of jihad, and has called for a hard line against what he called the "street terror" exerted by minorities in Dutch cities. His controversial 2008 film featuring his views on Islam, Fitna, received international attention.

He has been described in the media as populist and labeled far-right, although this is disputed by other observers. Wilders, who long refused to align himself with European far-right leaders such as Jean-Marie Le Pen and Jörg Haider and expressed concern about being "linked with the wrong rightist fascist groups", views himself as a right-wing liberal.

More recently, however, Wilders worked together with the French National Front's Marine Le Pen in an initially ill-fated, but eventually successful attempt to form a parliamentary group in the European Parliament which now includes parties from nine countries, among them Austria's Freedom Party, Italy's Northern League, and Belgium's Flemish Interest.

Watch the video:



We previously reported ESPN losing 10,000 viewers a day! ... now Disney making deep cuts to on-air liberal loud-mouth anchors

The network sought to cut tens of millions of dollars and decided that jettisoning big contracts was the way to do it. ESPN will cut more than 100 employees today, Yahoo Finance has learned. That number is much bigger than the 40-50 that was initially reported. ESPN aims to notify all of the people today, if it can do so.

It has been widely reported for weeks that big cuts are coming to ESPN - so widely reported, and dissected, and gossiped about, in fact, that ESPN moved up its schedule and is notifying people earlier than it originally planned.

The 100 people getting cut are all “on-air talent,” a label ESPN uses for TV personalities, radio hosts, and writers who regularly appear on TV and radio. (ESPN says it has 1,000 such people, prior to these cuts.)

The company also posted a public statement on its content strategy to its press page. The statement says that ESPN’s “content is evolving,” and that, “given how fans’ habits are changing, our focus continues to be providing high-quality, distinctive content at any minute of the day on any screen.”

ESPN’s subscriber numbers have dropped steadily, weighing on parent company Disney, forcing a new round of cost-cutting. When Disney demands cuts, ESPN can make those cuts however it chooses.

ESPN had major layoffs in 2015, as it did two years before that, in 2013. Both times, it cut around 300 people. This time around, the network reportedly sought to cut tens of millions of dollars, and decided that ridding itself of big expensive contracts was the way to do it.

What ESPN, and owner Disney, refuse to acknowledge is, America’s sports fans are not interested in their liberal garbage propaganda and opinions. Changing one liberal anchor for another will not solve their problem.

Please remove Stephen A Smith, Jamelle Hill, and Michael Smith. ESPN went downhill starting with the Caitlyn Jenner award nonsense. Now they mascarade as an alt left opinion based talk show.

Every new launch has a liberal backing behind it, if I could remove ESPN from my programming I would, someday I will be able to, and that's when ESPN will faulter.

Remember when ESPN reported on sports, without agendas? MTV stopped being about music and lost me. Now ESPN has stopped being about sports, they are losing me as well.




"La Isla Bonita" ... Alizée

Love the way she sings! But more than that... Love the way she moves! I like it much better than Madonna and her original version.

Watch the video:



U.S. Air Force STEALTH UAV... armed with laser gun to kill

New U.S. Air Force UAV made to kill Russian s-400 air defense. The General Atomics Avenger (formerly Predator C) is a developmental unmanned combat air vehicle built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for the United States military.

Unlike the previous MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper (Predator B) drones, the Avenger is powered by a turbofan engine... and its design includes stealth features such as internal weapons storage, and an S-shaped exhaust for reduced heat and radar signature.

Watch the video:


Christianity: Eight things Christians believe in

The term "Christian" is a relatively broad term, with approximately 78 percent of Americans identifying themselves as such.

Specific beliefs vary from denomination to denomination, even person to person, but core values and principles often remain the same from one church to another.

Below are a few Christianity fast facts about eight Christian beliefs:

1) One God: Christianity is founded on the belief that there is one God composed of three distinct persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son, and the Holy Spirit. They serve distinct purposes but are one as a deity.

2) God created the world: Christians believe God created the world in six days, resting on the seventh. They believe man is His most prized creation.

3) Jesus, God's Son: Jesus Christ is God's Son and the only way to salvation and forgiveness of sins. Christians believe he was sent to earth, born from a virgin, was crucified, and rose from the dead in three days so that man's sins could be forgiven once and for all.

4) The Bible: Christians' holy book, the Bible, is believed to be God's inspired word, a historical document, and a guide for faithful living.

5) Sin: Christianity teaches that all people are born into sin and no one is good enough to earn salvation. It's this sin that separates mankind from God with whom they can only be forgiven and justified through belief in God.

6) Salvation: This can only be achieved through repentance of sins and belief in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. Only then can Christians have a relationship with God that was only made possible through Christ's sacrifice.

7) Afterlife: Most Christians believe in a Heaven and Hell, eternal destinations for those who have been saved and those who are not, respectively. Heaven is a paradise reserved for believers and Hell a place of torment for those who have rejected God.

8) Angels and Demons: It is believed that there are beings, created by God, that influence mankind. Angels strive to further God's purpose and message and demons' goal is to lead people away from God under the leadership of Satan or the Devil. Many believe the two armies are constantly at war for the souls of humanity.


God created all that is seen and unseen. Christians believe that God is the creator of all people, the world, the universe, and everything seen and unseen. This is based on various Bible passages, including the Bible's book of Genesis.

Anyone can have salvation. All people may receive salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. In Romans 10:12 (English-NIV), for example, it says: "For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile - the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him…"


After the Bull Fight

In Spain, there is a tradition after a bullfight to serve the mayor the bull’s testicles.

One day after a bullfight, the mayor asks the waiter: “Funny, why are they so small today?”

The waiter: “Today, sir, the bull won.”


Trump hasn’t visited a single foreign country in his first 100 days, while Obama had visited nine. And today, Trump was like, “Quick, take me to Epcot! I need to bang out 10 countries ASAP.” Oh but let’s not forget, Communist Obama was on his multi-country"Apology tour", telling the world how bad America is. -- Jimmy Fallon

Trump says now the wall will cost less than $10 billion, but it could be more if he makes it “super-duper.” And taxpayers said, “Wait a second. You never said it could be super-duper.” -- Jimmy Fallon

A few top Republican RINOS in Congress are now saying that Trump’s border wall doesn’t mean an actual wall, but a metaphor. Which makes sense, because during the campaign all those Trump supporters were shouting “build the metaphor, build the metaphor!” -- Conan O’Brien

Saudi Arabia has been named to the United Nations’ Commission on Women’s Rights. In a related story, Ireland has been named to the UN Commission on Sobriety and Tanning. -- Conan O’Brien

Over the weekend, musician Kenny G was on a Delta flight and gave a brief performance. Passengers are describing the performance as “not brief enough.” -- Conan O’Brien

Marijuana is legal here in California by state law. But it's still technically illegal, according to federal law. So the LAPD, the police, can't arrest you for having pot but an FBI agent can. It's confusing, right? Now imagine trying to understand that while you're high. -- Jimmy Kimmel

In other smoking-related news, the mayor of New York yesterday proposed a new bill that would raise the price of cigarettes to what would be the highest in the country. If the bill passes, a pack of cigarettes would cost $13 in New York. The only place where cigarettes would cost more is prison. -- Jimmy Kimmel

Mayor Bill de Blasio says that when it comes to the health of New Yorkers, big tobacco is enemy No. 1. Enemy No. 2 is pizza.

Last night, President Trump had a very important meeting in the Oval Office with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. How the hell did they get into the White House? Kid Rock is not even allowed in a Waffle House.

Spirit Airlines has scored the lowest customer satisfaction rating in its industry for the third year in a row. Really? Lower than United? What does Spirit Airlines do when their flights are overbooked, just crash the plane into a mountain? -- Seth Meyers


Ted Cruz's brilliant idea to pay for President Trump's Border Wall... Let Mexico's drug cartels and drug dealers pay for it!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a bill calling for the use of $14 billion seized from cartel drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman... to pay for President Trump’s border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

“Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border,” Senator Cruz stated...

According to a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas from the senator’s office. “Ensuring the safety and security of Texans is one of my top priorities.”

The Texas senator said that leveraging criminally forfeited assets from El Chapo and other Mexican cartel members and drug dealers can “offset the wall’s cost and make meaningful progress toward achieving President Trump’s stated border security objectives.”

Watch the video:


After twenty-five years of U.S. presidents pampering and ignoring the North Korea nuclear threat... the stalemate is over

The United States can no longer tolerate the aggressive and irrational behavior of the North Korean regime. A once manageable threat is now destabilizing an entire region. The time for half measures is over. The time for action has arrived.

For decades Pyongyang has pursued a policy of erratic behavior designed to attract attention and to extract concessions from Western powers.

For decades we have alternated between threatening retaliation and attempting to buy good behavior by the granting of some demands. However unsatisfying this has been, in the near term we have succeeded in accomplishing our primary task, preventing war.

The North Korean nuclear weapons program has changed all that. Pyongyang now stands on the threshold of having deliverable nuclear weapons, which it can mount on ballistic missiles and use against Japan, North Korea and the U.S. bases within.

It’s continued testing of these missiles demonstrates that they are a very real threat. North Korea has even made significant strides toward the mounting of ballistic missiles on submarines, meaning in the near future it may well be able to threaten not only Tokyo and Seoul but launch a nuclear Pearl Harbor on Honolulu as well.

The game has changed. Where once the worst we had to contemplate was waging a conventional war on the Korean peninsula, we now must face a world in which Kim Jung Un can decide any time he wants to destroy entire cities within range. This we cannot accept.


Ronald Reagan's son defends Bill O'Reilly... asks if men should sue for sexual arousal, when women flaunt their assets?

Michael Reagan, son of late President Ronald Reagan, defended disgraced Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who was ousted last week after advertisers boycotted the show en masse amid a sexual harassment scandal.

The firestorm started after the New York Times revealed that O’Reilly and the network had shelled out $13 million in settlements to various women who had accused him of sexual harassment.

But in two tweets sent late Thursday evening, Michael Reagan first specifically referenced one of the allegations against O’Reilly — that he called a black woman “hot chocolate” and leered at her — and then suggested that women invite attention by how they dress.

Hot Chocolate used to be a compliment on your looks - today it is called sexual harassment..@oreillyfactor
— Michael Reagan (@ReaganWorld) April 21, 2017

✔@annamerlan If women are going to wear low cut dresses that show cleavage - don't be harassed when we men look. Or should we sue for sexual arousal? — Michael Reagan (@ReaganWorld) April 21, 2017

The tweets ignited a firestorm of criticism. The latter post had over 2,000 replies as of Friday afternoon.

Many people say media promotes sex, women dress for attraction:

- @ReaganWorld Michael, I'm so glad you tweeted this and I'm looking forward to the feedback you'll receive from the people who use this website – Anna Merlan

- Yahoo praises hot/provocative Kim Kardashian wearing see-thru top, yet if a man comments, he's a pervert! 2 faced isn't it?

- I am a woman, and have lived in this world quite a few years. I learned many years ago that if one dresses like a lady and acts like a lady, then she will be treated like a lady. You wear an ultra-short skirt and wiggle your rear, you may get a wolf whistle. If that is not what you want, then put your goods away.

- As a female, I agree with Reagan. Women taking their claims of sexual harassment overboard. On one hand they're dressing for attention, on the other hand they complain because they got the attention they were obviously wanting. Unless the attention was unsolicited physical contact, I think they're the ones that are wrong, not the men.

Reagan, who serves as the president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation, did not respond to a request for comment.


Bill O'Reilly leaving FOX... fired up O'Reilly AutoParts stock?

As news broke this week that TV anchor Bill O’Reilly would be leaving Fox News, investors observed a reaction in the stock market that few could make sense of: The stock of the company that owns O’Reilly Auto Parts suddenly rose, even while the rest of the market was falling.

On Wednesday, as reports of O’Reilly’s imminent departure were cheered by those who pushed for his ouster amid sexual harassment claims, O’Reilly Automotive gained as much as 3%. O’Reilly Automotive, a Fortune 500 company that sells car accessories and tools, has no relation to the host of Fox’s now-canceled O’Reilly Factor.

But without any other news that day to explain the move in the retailer’s stock price, some investors had a different theory: Computerized algorithms that trade stocks based on Twitter and social media alone had picked up on a surge in posts about Bill O’Reilly, and interpreted it as a signal to buy O’Reilly stock.

This effect, of course, would be considered a glitch, illustrating the flaws in the nascent but increasingly popular field of so-called social sentiment-based investing. (For more on that trend, read my Fortune Magazine feature, “Investors Are Using Social Media to Make Money.“)

Quant trader Michael Harris summed up the incident in the headline of a blog post about the incident: “Dumb Social Media Sentiment Algos The Stock of O'Reilly Automotive."


The plural word for beef is "Beeves" ... but nobody has ever heard of it and the internet can't handle it!

Somewhere between bemoaning the human condition and chatting about celebrity gossip, the internet grabs a hold of a humdrum fact and goes a bit crazy. We’ve quarreled over the colors of a dress and freaked out over chickens large enough to be exhibited in Jurassic Park.

Today, we’re freaking out about “beef.” Did you know the plural form of “beef” is “beeves?” Mind freaking blown!

Apparently, most of us have been saying the plural wrong for our entire lives. Leading us to question everything we learned, from preschool-level reading materials, to the language accuracy of those catchy fast-food jingles about “beef patties.”

It all began with the wokest social media platform on the internet: Tumblr. BuzzFeed News reporter Ryan Broderick stumbled on a post from the site, with a screenshot of a dictionary entry for “Beeves.” Though the best part was several of the users responses, most of which consisted of spazzing out.

“In my 27 years on this Earth, I had never heard of this before. He then took this news to a fellow BuzzFeeder, who was just as shocked. “I decided to take this all the way to the top. I decided to ask BuzzFeed's copy chief, Emmy Favilla, about it. She was as shocked as I was.”

If you’re now eager to use this the next time you hear about two feuding rappers, beware, “beeves” doesn’t translate. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you CAN'T use the word "beeves" to refer to things like rap beefs or Twitter beefs — which is literally the only time I could imagine using "beeves."


The Greatest Sports Moments of 2016

2016 was the best year for sports and no I'm not saying that just because 2016 just happened and I don't know any other sports year, I really think there was no other year ever that had what 2016 had in sports

Watch the video:

Make sure to check out Part 2, featuring Nascar, AFL, Tennis and other international sports along with missed US Moments! Link:


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Thought for the day...

North Korea "Space Nuke" greater threat than ICBMs... U.S. largely defenseless to EMP attack from space

Launched from a satellite, a small nuclear warhead only needs to explode 300 miles above the Earth to knock out a power grid – and the US is largely defenseless to such an EMP attack North Korea could potentially deliver.

And if a power grid goes down completely, it’ll take critical, life-sustaining systems down with it: mass infrastructure for banks, hospitals, communications, food, water and the Internet could be disrupted for a year, if not outright destroyed.

“If a nuclear device designed to emit EMP were exploded 250 to 300 miles up over the middle of the country, it would disable the electronics in the entire United States,” said EMP expert Gale Nordling.

“That would disable the entire electric grid. It would disable communications, it would disable fuel manufacturing and production, it would disable hospitals and medicines, it would disable 911 call centers.”

Right now, an EMP attack by North Korea poses a potentially greater threat to the US than an intercontinental ballistic missile – and the hermit kingdom already orbited its KMS-3 satellite over the U.S. in 2012.

It’s currently unknown if North Korea has a warhead small enough for a satellite, however, its space program shows more promise than its development of ICBMs.

North Korea claims its space program is designed to provide agricultural images to improve its crop yields; but the country is small enough that aircraft could do the same with greater flexibility; satellites are only useful to vast nations like Russia.

In fact, the KMS-3 made several passes above Russia and the US, but not North Korea:

And remember, North Korea operates on a “military first” policy. Why would it override that policy for just satellites?

Watch the video:


Jim Oberg, who is perhaps the only western spaceflight engineer to visit North Korea, warned that North Korea’s Sohae launch site is geographically suitable for launching satellites to orbit above America’s East Coast.

“On the very first pass around Earth, after crossing near Antarctica, the satellite tracks northwards off the west coast of South America, over the Caribbean, and right up the US East Coast,” he wrote.

“Sixty-five minutes after launch, it’s passing a few hundred miles west of Washington DC, and with a minor steering adjustment during launch it could pass right overhead.”

“What might be inside that half-ton package [in the satellite] is literally anybody’s guess.”

Interestingly, the federal government is currently running mass casualty drills in Manhattan as part of Operation Gotham Shield.

The U.S. however - is behind Russia, China, Israel and even Iran in EMP preparedness.

EMP Attack Would Kill 90% Of Americans Within A Year Without Power:
Watch the video:

Amerigeddon Mike Norris interview. Watch the film they don't want you to see:
Watch the video:




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